Be Brave in Life's Challenges

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1 year ago

As I looked out the window I saw the real life of a man. I caught a glimpse of the tears and grief in their eyes. Because of this incident, I asked myself, why can't the suffering of life's problems and trials be eliminated? These problems are what cause some people to despair and remain in a state of depression. It is painful to think that some of us are no longer able to find a way to get through and survive suffering.

Everyone is having a problem. It can be problems with health, education, love, family, money, and so on. We cannot say when it will come. Sometimes just waking up, there is a problem that is immediately ahead. Apparently, the problems and trials are a pounding wave on a sand castle which is the destroyer of life.

Although, don’t give up right away and instead always remember to:

Pray to the Lord: Remember that a sincere prayer can do much to help you deal with a problem. It is the most powerful weapon of all. “Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving let your petitions be made known to God,” says Philippians 4: 6. That is why a prayer is so important because our Lord will help you to overcome any trial. He will guide and sustain you as you walk through life.

Get rid of fear: Whatever the problem, learn to get rid of the fear that you may not be able to cope with. Always think that you will succeed. If you don’t get rid of the fear, you won’t really win and you’ll only be defeated by the problem. It says, "what the mind can imagine and believe it can be achieved."

Accept the problem: If trials come, do not avoid them but accept and face them with courage. If you run away from it nothing will happen and it will continue to chase you. If you avoid it, you will never know that you can handle it.

Adjust your outlook on life: No matter how painful the blow you are experiencing, still be positive in dealing with it. A positive outlook on life can do much to help you cope with adversity because it gives you the strength and self -confidence to survive adversity.

Stand up and dry the tears in your eyes: No matter how many times you stumble, get hurt and cry, still force yourself to stand up, and keep fighting. Do not give up on the battle, instead give all you can to overcome the challenge of life to you.

Learn how to overcome suffering: Find a way to win, a way that is not fake, without the stain of fraud or not clinging to the knife. Think about how you can get out of a labyrinth. Use your intellect and ability to pass the test.

Use the problem to strengthen yourself: With every trial you go through and overcome, it helps to shape your character even more. Past problems help you to be stronger and more courageous in dealing with life.

It is true that life is like a wheel, sometimes at the bottom and sometimes at the top. When you experience a shock in life, you are at the bottom but if you manage to face it, you are at the top. It's nice to feel that you've been able to handle a problem because before you get through it you actually go through the needle hole first. Just imagine that with each trial you go through you become more resilient. However, with the help of a sincere faith in God you will succeed in the challenge. They say, "after the rain you can see a beautiful rainbow" that will make you smile and you can tell yourself that this is the new beginning of your life.

Have a nice day my read cash family and to our lovely #rusty!

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