5 things that makes us successful

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There are things we must learn and must do in life to be successful. And in going where we want to reach, sadly there are things we must give up in our lives to make the journey easier for us.

Based on my experience and what I have realized, here are the 5 things we need to give up in order to be successful.


"I can't move forward because of my husband, we're having a hard time right now!"

"Because of my parents, that's why I'm like this, I'm like that."

"I can't do it because my time is tied to work. I want to do that because I don't have time anymore!"

These are the common COMPLAINTS that we notice from friends, relatives, family members and ourselves. We tend to be victims and we don't do anything to escape a condition and situation that we don't want in our lives.

There are things in our lives that we can control. If you let yourself be controlled by the things that surround us, I will tell you, they will eat you alive, especially the negatives and problems. You know, you are bigger than that, bigger than those excuses and playing a victim.

To avoid that, we need to take charge of ourselves and decide to depend on our own abilities and not depend on the situation and people around us.

Don't play the victim, you may not CHANGE THEM but you CAN CHANGE YOURSELF!

2. “I will just do it later” MENTALITY

"I'll just do it tomorrow, I'll watch a teleserye first."

"I want to study how to invest, but I don't have any money yet so I won't study first."

"I want to be a successful person, but how can I do that? – Hmmm THAT'S IT!”

This mentality is very common especially with people who don't want to do anything in their life because they don't have dreams and want to achieve in their life.

It is also equivalent to, "I'll just leave it to the weather and the situation" or "oh it will come, just trust me, I won't do anything now."

It's sad that many people want to get rich and help their family but they don't do anything to achieve that because they leave it to others and not from themselves.

If you want to be successful in life, START DOING SOMETHING TODAY! RIGHT NOW, FOLLOW YOUR GOALS!


"To make my mother happy, I will pass this exam."

"For my boss to be happy and for me to be promoted, I will do this even if I don't want to do it."

"For my crush to accept me, I will go on a diet and become really sexy."

This might be good for us as motivation but if you check carefully, the main motive here is to make one or many people around you happy or PLEASE. What if you are not what they really want for you? That's all!

You yourself, you need to know if you are really doing it for yourself or just to make the people around you happy. I will tell you, that is very stressful!

You don't have to please everyone, You have your own standards in life.



"It's nice to lie in bed, I won't go jogging anymore."

"It's good that they earn a lot, that's okay, I'm satisfied with it (in their deepest desire, I also want what they earn)."

"I'm satisfied with my work, I don't want to study things like that."

It's nice to have a comfortable life, but isn't it better if everyday you are breaking your limits every time, everyday? Let's say you can jog 30mins everyday and you want to be a marathon runner.

Can you increase the 30mins into 45mins everyday or 1 hour or even 2 hours a day?

If you remain only on your 30 day routine, your other competitors in the future marathon are already doing their daily 2 or 3 hours or even more everyday jogging routine.

That is also applicable in our lives. We should not always be comfortable with what we have and what capacity we have especially if we want to be successful in life.


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"I don't want to go to work, they are debilitating, they are all negative."

"My friends are always happy go lucky, I'm infected."

John Ronn once said: "You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With." Tell me who are the friends you are always with and I will know what kind of person you are

In the few years that we have been here in the world, I'm sure you have met a lot of negative and toxic people. From home, neighbors, school to your workplace. Toxic people means they are the people who always have a negative outlook on the world, complain about life, always blame others and they are the ones who bring you down from your desired goals and dreams.

And even though you are a very positive person and you will always be with that kind of person, your progress can be slow and worst, you become like them.

Don't be bad to befriend them but see to it that they are not always with you... and to make a better place to live in the world, help them be positive

I hope this will help you (and myself) to be successful in life.

I hope that we all become successful in our lives. God bless!

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