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Paragraph Based Context Clues Worksheets

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When we run into flagship words that we just don't understand the meaning of we can often figure out the definition of the word by using the context the word is used in. Most times that meaning can be deciphered right from the sentence that the word resides in. There are times where you will need to examine the entire paragraph that the word resides in. Sentences that may be one or two away from the word can help you understand it better. These worksheets will help students learn how to really scan for context well.

Paragraph Based Context Clues Worksheets:

That Darn Science – See if you can read through and find the meaning of new words to you.

Clue Me In... – What does that bold word mean?

Now That's Bold! – See if you can find a word that means a similar thing.

Going Green For History – We ask you to take it a step further and fully explain the word to us.

The Theater, Club, and Lump – What does that piece mean for us?

Poor Rip... – Match each underlined word to its synonym and write its letter on the line.

The New Mansion – Read the passage. Then circle the best meaning for each underlined word.

Get That Castle – Explain the meaning of each underlined word.

Hidden In Paragraphs – Number four always throws the kids for a loop.

Strong Voices – The passage is taken from an address to congress delivered by Rafael Palma in 1919.

Who Liked Ken – Determine the meaning of the word using clues from the sentence or knowledge you already have.

On Government – Use context clues to determine the meaning of the following words and phrases.

Feed Me Molecules – Read the passage. Then write a definition for each of the underlined words.

Crazy Animals... – Squirrels are not only tree-climbers, but, as everyone knows, dwell habitually upon trees, and there make their nests and their home.

Fight for the Right – Suffragette and feminist pioneer Susan B. Anthony fought tirelessly for the right to vote in the 1800s.

How to Spot Context Clues in a Paragraph?

While reading, it is almost impossible to understand the meaning of a paragraph without using the clues for meaning located in the context of that paragraph. Sometimes, the context clues can be very easily spotted and the reading and understanding of a particular text may seem easy. However, in some texts, locating context clues even within a single paragraph can be a daunting task.

In such texts, the reader has to pay close attention to every detail within a paragraph so that he or she does not miss even the most minor context clues necessary for the understanding of that paragraph. Here are a few tips to locate context clues in paragraphs where just giving a single read to the text is not helpful for the readers’ understanding:

Try to Relate the Paragraph to Its Neighboring Text

Sometimes, the ideas written in a paragraph cannot be completely understood unless they are seen in relation to the text in paragraphs preceding and following it. Therefore, it is necessary to always read the text in the right sequence for its clearer understanding and never skipping any portion of a text while reading it. If you are unable to locate context clues in a paragraph, going through the paragraphs above and below it will help in its understanding.

Read Between the Lines

Sometimes, the author plays with the words and indirect connotations to convey a particular meaning. It is always preferable to try to understand what a particular word choice and sentence structure within a paragraph might be conveying. Reading between the lines is always a great way to locate indirect contextual clues in all the texts.

Ask Questions from Yourself

One way to locate context clues in a paragraph is by asking yourself some basic Wh- questions after reading it. Answering those questions can easily help you find the hidden clues within a paragraph.

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