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5Rs Techniques

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7 months ago

1. REDUSE–to reduce simply means to lesson the amount of waste in the environment. This can be done by using less materials that are readily disposable either biodegradable or no biodegradable.

It is therefore important to rethink on kind of products would benefit both humans and the environment.

We can do the following: rechargeable batteries instead of disposable butteries for our gadgets. This way,we can minimize waste and save money at the same time. product in bigger packs than those packs in Small sachets. Small sachets prevent excessive use of a product,but such practice can increase the production of nonbiodegradable waste because where plastic sachets will be discarded.

3.another way to reduce waste is to reuse Materials.


To reuse means to use again or find other ways to use a Materials and the examples are as follows

1.use ecobags when shopping or going to the grocery store.

2.use reusable containers when packing,storing food or drinks,and even when buying drinks.

3.use the properties of materials and find some other use for it. For example, empty bottles may be sold to junk shop or small retailers that need small containers for packaging,which minimizes waste and generates extra income for the household.

4.Refrain from buying new materials when you still have supplies that can be reuse.this way,exiting materials wiht or without minor damage can be used again for the same or different purpose. For example,you can reuse water bottles as liquid containers.

5.donate clothes and other useful materials to some organization that conduct delief operations during calamities.

6.conduct a garage sale,not just for clothes but for other items that can still be reused.


to recycle means to create a new product using a material that has already served its purpose, Recycling is different from reusing uses the same materials again for the same or different purpose. For example, glass bottles can be reused as containers of other liquids of materials. However, stain glass bottles can be recycled to form a new product like bottle chimes or paper weights. Instead of reusing the bottles, a new productay be formed in recycling. Its new purpose should be different from original function but the idea of minimizing waste has been achieve.

Recycling prevents wastage of a material that can actually be use full for different purpose. It also reduces the use of raw materials. For exampl, to make a fresh paper, a tree has to be cut, but by recycling used papers to make writing paper, no needs to be cut anymore.

Recycling not only helps reduce waste. It also products they formed from discarded materials.

Live Love Life. Make our sorroundings clean and green by helping each other put together all the bottles in one trash can make them reusable to our home just like plastic display flowers, stars every Christmas, learning shapes for kids, it also used it for face mask protection.

Happy day and live happy 😊

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Written by   15
7 months ago
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