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Who created the devil,is it God?

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1 year ago

JESUS ​​CHRIST said of his Father,God, "He is true and there is no injustice in him." So how was the devil born? Could the devil have been a creation of God? Definitely not.

In a song written by Moses, he spoke of God's works and said, “Make our God great! The cliffs, its activity is perfect, for all its paths are straight. A God of faithfulness against whom there is no injustice; That's fair and correct. Moses then went on to speak of the nation of Israel, whom God had chosen, delivered from Egypt and taught his law: “They did evil on their part; They are not your children, it is their fault. A twisted and twisted generation! "

God was not guilty of Israel's deviation. He took care of them, protected them and guided them, and they were fully aware of it. They acted deliberately. When they aadecided to go the wrong way, he did not force them to stop. He let her exercise her free will.

All of God's creative work is perfect and His ways and actions are correct. Everything you create has a purpose and is equipped for it. Angels had a perfect origin: they were created in the image of God, who truly has the power of free will. In fact, for intelligent beings, perfection would essentially include freedom of choice. If they could not choose between doing good or evil, they would be simple robots, just as an electronic computer can only do what it is programmed to do. No intelligent person can be happy if he is deprived of the exercise of free will.

According to Jehovah,intelligent people who are free from their will can glorify him much greater. Now God has many lifeless creatures, such as the stars and planets of the universe, who have no choice but to work perfectly in their orbits. They reveal the wisdom and power of the Creator. But a person who has free will, if he chooses to follow the path of righteousness, because he loves what is right and because he loves his Creator for his beautiful qualities, he gives God much more glory and joy.

The biblical evidence is that the angel who became Satan the Devil was perfect from his creation. He earned the names of Satan and the devil by choosing to take an independent rebellion against God. Jesus said of him: “This was first a murder, and he did not stand in the truth, for the truth is not in him. When he lies, he speaks of his own temper, for he is a liar and the father of lies. "

Created by God and one of his heavenly angels, it can be said that this angel was originally "real". Jesus said, "It was not really fixed." He was not the father of lies before he told and became a liar, but when he told Eve the original lie in the Garden of Eden he was the murderer "when it began", the lie that led to Adam's death. and Eva. It was not when he was growing up, but when he began his lying and rebellious behavior.

Therefore, it is obvious that God did not create the devil. This angel became Satan the devil because he opposed God and slandered God for lying about him, and in this way the original liar destroyed his own perfection. Since then he has been called Satan, which means "adversary", and the devil, which means "slanderer". God did not destroy him in his rebellion, but allowed him to live for a purpose. But he is condemned to death to be executed in God's time. 

We could illustrate God's actions towards Satan the Devil by looking at God's actions towards Pharaoh, the ruler of ancient Egypt. This particular pharaoh subjected the Jews to severe slavery in Egypt. When Jehovah God saw his condition oppressed, he sent Moses with a message to Pharaoh to deliver Israel. God knew Pharaoh's attitude and told Moses that Pharaoh would refuse the request. He said, “I know as well that the king of Egypt will only give you permission to leave if it is with a strong hand. And I will stretch out my hand and I will strike Egypt with all my wonders that I will do in the midst of it; and send it to you. "

Later, Jehovah said to Moses: "I will harden your heart so that you do not let go of the people." This does not mean that God injected bad feelings into Pharaoh's heart. The New World Translation says, "I will make your heart tenacious." God didn't bother him then, but let him go all the way and eventually hanged himself.

Therefore, Jehovah did not allow Pharaoh to act against his will. Pharaoh's heart was determined to keep Israel prisoner. God really showed kindness to Pharaoh by removing the plagues after the plagues in Egypt at Pharaoh's request. But God's tolerance for Pharaoh only allowed him to reveal his true "face", his current harsh behavior. God said to Pharaoh, "This is why I have kept you alive [or 'I have kept you'] to show you my power and to have my name explained throughout the land." In addition, Jehovah has shown himself superior to the gods of Egypt. As a result, many Egyptians shared with Israel the worship of the true God, Jehovah.

Therefore, God does not create anything or anyone that is bad. It doesn't harm anyone either. Jacob, Jesus' half-brother, said: “Everyone is tested because they are drawn and drawn by their own desires. Therefore, when desire is initiated, it leads to sin; In turn, sin, when complete, leads to death. Therefore, the English son who became Satan allowed his selfish desire to draw him into evil. We can see from this example that we must immediately reject any false wishes that come to our mind or are presented to us. Holding the desire nourishes it and it will be fruitful and bring sin to our pain.

Keep your senses, pay attention. Your opponent, the devil, walks like a roaring lion, trying to devour someone. But stand firmly against him, be firm in the faith, knowing that the same will be accomplished on the path of suffering through the union of your brethren in the world.”

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Written by   5
1 year ago
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