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What kind of life is Most important?

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1 year ago

While it is good to make life as long and happy as possible, it does have its limits. It is not good to do anything with life, to do anything to survive. Nor is it advisable to pursue goals with such passion that correct principles are ignored, God is excluded from the picture, or all future life expectancy is excluded.

For example, some people think it's important to stay alive. They are ready to break any rules they believe in and even break their conscience to avoid death. This was demonstrated in the Nazi war crimes trials, when the defendants responded to allegations of brutality and even mass murder of innocent people, claiming they had done so "out of fear of their superiors in the commando.With them, the words of the Bible proved to be extraordinarily true: "they were subjected to slavery for fear of death". Certainly, living longer for a few years because of fear is undesirable.

Even life is neither beautiful nor happy if it is just about making a name for yourself. Some have tried to leave some kind of memorial so that his name could attain "immortality". Or they have become slaves to a career or a pursuit and have become so busy that they don't have time to really enjoy life. or neglect the spiritual aspect of life. Others have made the joy of living their only goal, to come to the end of their life with a feeling of emptiness.

The result of extensive research and experience.

Recognized as one of the wisest and richest men to ever live on earth, King Solomon carefully considered people's intentions and their accomplishments for individuals. Solomon had the wealth, the power and the opportunity to study this subject thoroughly. He avoided immoral and confusing things which may seem beautiful but do not bring lasting or satisfying happiness. But he experienced the pleasurable activities that wealth and power could offer. He says:

“I participated in more important jobs. I built houses for myself; I planted vines. I made gardens and parks there and planted all kinds of fruit trees. . . . I have acquired administrative staff. . . In addition, I have a large number of cattle, cattle and herds. . . I also collected silver and gold for myself and for special properties for kings. . . I made singers and singers for myself and for the exquisite pleasure of the children of mankind, a lady, even ladies. . . . And whatever my eyes asked for, I didn't take from them. I did not hold back my joyful heart because my heart was happy with all my hard work. ""

But what was the result? Solomon tells us:

And I myself turned on all the work my hands had done and the hard work I tried, and voila! Everything was vanity and longing for the wind, and it was useless under the sun.

Solomon saw no point in enjoying and building great works by looking at those who had human wisdom, including himself, and the results of this life for the person who became known for their wisdom. He expressed the situation he encountered at the time:

“I myself said in my heart, 'Something like this will happen to me, too.' "So why did I become wise, did I master it then?" And I said in my heart, “This too is vanity. Because the wise man only remembers the fool for eternity. In the days to come [as a person ages] everyone is truly forgotten; And how will the wise man die? With the stupid. "

Finally, Solomon says:

The main point of the general question is: Fear the true God and keep his commandments. Because it is all the duty of man. Because the same true God will bring you all kinds of works on all that is hidden, good or bad. ""

While a goal can be laudable, an effort to overlook our really important interests and not give ourselves the time or opportunity to reflect in vain on what God thinks about the future of mankind. Of course, the world remains ungrateful and ultimately forgotten and ungrateful. And finally the individual disappeared. Is there a future beyond death that I could have envisioned?

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Written by   5
1 year ago
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