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Points to Consider when visiting the sick

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Most hospitals have specific visiting hours and limit the number of visitors to the patient room. While this may seem restrictive to the caller, it benefits the patient if the rules are followed. Ten or twelve visitors huddled around a bed can force a still weak patient to undergo major surgery or illness.

When the patient cannot sit on the bed or in a chair, placing visitors on either side of the bed can be stressful. When the conversation goes from one to the other, you have to keep turning your head back and forth on the pillow. It would be much more relaxing to look sideways without touching your head and eyes, as if you were watching a tennis match.

Considering the interests of the patient, a person should avoid visits if they have a sore throat, cold, or other symptoms of infection. For reasons of hygiene and patient comfort, hospital staff visit the edge of the bed. If there aren't enough chairs for the visitor, the patient's empathy and loving care will keep them going.

We must also distinguish the duration of the visit. A person's relationship with the patient and their physical condition would be really important. Ten minutes of calm and pleasant conversation can be very constructive for the patient. However, if he encounters an argument that lasts half an hour or more, it can be stressful for him and even cause a setback.

Constructive stalk

Strong and healthy people sometimes come home after visiting the sick. They may be ashamed and lose their words. On the other hand, people who have suffered from common illnesses and sometimes major surgeries may tend to discuss these things in detail. However, it can be depressing. We must therefore make a real effort to build.

Visiting the disease not only benefits the patient. Young people can bring real joy to an older or sick friend, but it can help them develop sympathy and compassion. The good example of patient perseverance can encourage visitors who have not had the same experience of suffering. For example, the happy disposition of a blind elderly woman crippled with arthritis always had this effect on anyone who visited her.

Thoughtful gifts

Sometimes a visitor feels like they want to take a small gift as a sign of love and affection. In many parts of the world, cut flowers or houseplants serve this purpose. However, the space next to the bed is often limited. The strong smell of some types of flowers can be unpleasant for a sick person. For allergy sufferers, a gift of flowers only adds to the suffering. Of course, you can always consult with the family and be guided by their suggestions. A book about the patient's hobby or special personal interests such as photography, woodcarving, or gardening can be greatly appreciated. However, a gift is not the most important thing. The fact that a person makes an effort to make a brief visit is in itself of great help.

Visiting patients at home

What should not be forgotten are the patient home visits. Their need for encouragement is as great as that of the hospitals. The increased need for illness can affect the whole family. So, the attentive visitor can not only help a person's morale, but also find ways to support the family. Imagine a sick mother who wants an hour of help with housework! Small friendly actions during a family crisis have long been remembered. Or you might want to call ahead. A suitable time for the visit could be agreed. On the other hand, if it is better not to visit him in person due to a contagious disease or any other reason, a happy message in the mail or even your disturbing message on the phone can be kind to the patient. .

Those who have been ill and have been lovingly encouraged by their spiritual friends and brethren are often heard paying homage to extended family of colleagues. So the problem for many, many friends and visitors can really be a pleasant problem, a problem which is solved well with the help of discernment.

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