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How Does Tests of Faith Help?

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God's servants cannot escape trials. The apostle Paul wrote: "Even those who seek to live with divine devotion with Christ Jesus will be persecuted." (2 Tim. 3:12) This persecution can come from friends, relatives, neighbors, the community, or authorities. This can include verbal and physical abuse, as well as disruptions in a person's livelihood. In addition, true Christians share the common problems of mankind: sickness, disappointment, injustice, and tragedy. All of these tests test people's faith.

However, it is positive to test your faith. The Apostle Peter pointed this out, saying: “You have been subjected to various trials, so that the tested quality of your faith, which is much more expensive than gold, which disappears even if it is tried by fire, can be praise, honor, and to honor the revelation of Jesus Christ.The effects of the tests of faith therefore go hand in hand with the refining of gold through fire. The refining process reveals what is pure gold and it removes waste, which is similar to our faith when we go through trials How or what?

The evidence shows that our faith is real and has the ability to support and comfort us in difficult times. For example, an accident or natural disaster such as floods, earthquakes or storms can cause problems. People with limited faith may begin to worry too much at the expense of spiritual matters. Like those without faith, they can terribly say, "What shall we eat?" Or "What should we drink?" Or: "What should we wear?".On the other hand, people of true faith do not give in to unnecessary fear. They remain fully immersed in spiritual matters and trust that Jehovah God will bless their efforts to get what they really need.Their faith supports them in difficult times and prevents them from aggravating their situation with unnecessary worries.

It is very useful that evidence can reveal weaknesses in our faith, as they help us identify the need for corrective action. A person is interested in asking "Why is my faith weak?" Have I neglected to meditate and meditate on the prayers of God's word? Did I make full use of the reunion rules with my followers? Do I trust myself more than I should instead of giving all my worries to Jehovah God in prayer? Is sincere prayer a part of my daily life? However, this self-test is just the beginning. Efforts should be made to strengthen your faith.

A person may need to improve their spiritual appetite. Perhaps when he became a disciple of Jesus Christ, he "did not want" the pure milk of the word.Even though years have passed, you may not have reached spiritual maturity and still need the exact milk you do not have. He never formed a real wish.The fact that a specific test clearly reveals a weakness in your faith should really lead you to study the Scriptures much more closely and develop a real taste for spiritual food. He should strive to be like the righteous man described by the psalmist: "His will is the law of the Lord, and in his law he reads silently day and night." - Psalm 1: 2.

It takes more than just reading the Bible. It is especially important to take the time to reflect on what God's Word is telling us and to use the call that is given, yes, to find true enjoyment in spiritual things. Student James wrote, “Become a practitioner of the word, not just an audience, and get it wrong with false arguments. . . . Who seeks the perfect law which belongs to freedom and who fulfills it, this man because he has become a forgotten listener, but who does the work will be happy when he does.Therefore, we should think about what the Bible says about Jehovah God and his will, and then think about the loving Heavenly Father that he is. As a result, our love for him will increase, our prayers will be more specific and personal, and our faith in him will be strengthened.

Indeed, each trial should remind us of the importance of building our faith. We must strive to remove from our lives all the filth that would weaken it. We may have to contend with pride, stubbornness, impatience, selfishness, love of ease and pleasure, worldliness or passion - things that can put us under pressure.

Understanding that faith is absolutely necessary to receive God's approval must be a powerful incentive to strengthen it. The Bible reminds us: "Without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever approaches God must believe that he exists and that he will be the reward of those who sincerely seek him". (Hebrews 11: 6) That is why we will do well to include the contents of the following statement in our prayers: "Help me where I must believe!"

Testing our faith not only helps us take corrective action, but also helps others. For example, when a Christian loses a loved one by dying, their strong belief in God's promise of resurrection remains. He does not succumb to the extreme expressions of grief that are common among hopeless people. During mourning, his behavior and actions show that he is acting on the inspired counsel: “Brethren, we do not want you to ignore those who are sleeping in death. so that you do not suffer like hopeless others. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, those who fell asleep in death through Jesus God will also take him with them.When others observe the sustaining power of the Christian faith, they can see that there is something truly precious about it. It can awaken in their hearts a desire for a similar faith and lead them to act to learn the word of God and ultimately to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

There are certainly benefits to testing our faith. These tests allow us to see if our faith has any real sustaining power. We are helped to uncover weaknesses in our beliefs and this gives us a better position to correct things. Finally, our review of the evidence can help others become good disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we must do our best to maintain a strong faith, the belief that after trial after trial "may become a cause of praise, honor, and glory in the revelation of Jesus Christ." 

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