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01. What happens after death

What happens after death?

At the age of eight or nine I wanted to know the answer. It wasn't the age to think about any occult theory, but honestly at the time I was thinking about the mystery of death.

In the evening I went to the pond to wash my body with Nabumama. It's getting dark all around. Suddenly I wanted to know, what happens after death? I whispered,

Nabumama, Nabumama!

Nabumama swam to the middle of the pond. He did not listen to me. I called again,

Nabumama, it's getting late.

A little more.

I'm scared.

I was really scared to sit alone on the shore. Nabumama came up and said, what happens after death mama? Nabumama got angry and said, what are you talking about in the evening? Nabumama was very scared, she was scared when she heard me. That evening the two of us went back quietly. As Raisudin passed by his uncle's grave, he saw who had left two incense sticks there. The flame of washing two leaks is flying from there. Frightened, Nabumama grabbed my hand.

I vividly remember this little incident of my childhood. I have thought a lot about this in adulthood. A little boy is suffering alone thinking of death. I felt bad thinking this.

Really, who doesn't even have the mental preparation to think about a little thing, why would he stagger emotionally when he sees the flame of incense in the grave? Why would he go to Sonakhali alone? Will he want to cry for a while while sitting on the paved pool of Sonakhali canal?

In fact I became human. In a strange environment. The innumerable mysterious rooms of a huge house. Bamboo forest wrapped around the back of the house. Day-meaning fox is calling all around. In the evening, the fire of ghosts is burning here and there in the forest. Kanabibi is spreading her legs on the two-storey verandah and reciting the Qur'an in a strange tone. Everything is unmixed fear.

In the dim darkness, Kanabibi's heart was pounding in his chest whenever he heard the recitation of the Qur'an. Nanijan used to say, don't go to Kana now. Not only near Kanabibi, Mohar's mother used to come to wash her feet and tell her not to go to Pulapan Kuatala. No one would go to Quatala in the evening. There was a very scary thing going on. No need to go there in the evening.

The weather is scary all around. If Nanijan was in a good mood, he would trap the story. He is also a ghost story: his uncle is returning from the market to buy shoal fish. It's getting dark all around. Shravan month, it is raining. Tip top. Leaving the road of the district board and making his way home, the omni shouted at Nakisure from behind, throwing the fish at us.

Mohar's mother used to wake up the sleeping children at night and feed them rice. Rows and rows of dishes were read on the long floor. I am rubbing rice in my sleepy eyes, at such a time the sound may be heard in the back of the house. Mohar's mother cried out in a hoarse voice,

Pettuni or? Pettuni or Ray?

Nabumama almost knocked on my body and said in a hushed tone, I am scared, and Mohar's mother, I am scared.

In that ancient house of Nanajan, all that was there was fear of blood clots. Kanabibi looked at us with her sharp eyes. Nabumama dhalata, I will give that old woman if she looks at me with twigs. Kanabibi laughed without saying anything. Sometimes he would say, why are you afraid of drinking? Where am I? Petni? She was much more horrible to us than Petney; Not only us, the elders also respected him! Dad will not respect - or why? Big Nanijaneba is a story heard from her own mouth.

Kanabibi, the daughter of her father's country. Brought along with the wedding time. Fi-Formas works. Laughing and playing. One day at noon he died of stomach ache. Nothing happens at all, the situation goes now-then-goes. Nanajan sent people. To bring the poet immediately. Ashu Kabiraj came and saw that it was all over. Body as cold as ice; People went to cut bamboo to carry it on the bed. Nanijan sat near the head of the deceased and began to read the Qur'an. That's when the weird thing happened - my grandparents got scared. Nanajan shouted in terror, O Lord, O Lord! Because Kanabibi wants to sit up like a good person at that time and drink water. Since then, his character has changed. Day and night prayers and fasting. Ever since we learned to understand certain things, he has been giving amulets to the girls in the neighborhood; In the evening, the Qur'an is being recited in a strange tone by lighting a kupi on the verandah of the second floor. Why not get him scared?

This is the matter of the night. What is the salvation of the day? If I ever forgot to go near the previous house while playing Golla Holiday, Omni Rahmat Mia roared like a tiger, let's eat. ঐ Pola, eat raw; Kach Kach Kach. Terrible young man tied with a male chain, the matter is horrible. Rahmat Mia, the boatman of Nanajan, was insane. He loved Rahmat very much and tried to heal her. Did not gain.

All these have been made together in my childhood. I am surrounded by dark mysteries. I can clearly see that a frightened young boy is going to sleep holding the hand of his daily companion Nabumama, in a two-storied room. Nabumama says, you close the two inner windows and come, I am standing outside. I say, I'm afraid, you come too. Mama says with a broken face, he was scared! A faint aloe is coming from the hurricane on the table. Nabumama and I are dog-coiled and covered with a blanket. Nabumama sleeps in bed or not; My tears are coming in fear of being alone. At that time a noise was heard from inside the house. I heard someone coming here with a clattering foot; Mohar's mother is crying in a soft tone, I fell asleep for a while after hearing those cries for a long time. I didn't even know my mother had died that night.

That night I woke up during the Fajr prayers. When I woke up, King Mama was silent

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Written by   41
2 years ago
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