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After Nabumama left

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2 years ago

After Nabumama left

After Nabumama left, I had nothing to do. Mango and jackfruit holidays have become school. I walk around the house all day. The afternoon is not spent at all. As soon as the heat of the sun subsided, I walked to Sonakhali. How many weird thoughts come to mind as you walk. As if the king of the country had taken me away without any crime. Ordered, I will be hanged. All the people of the kingdom gathered around the gallows. I looked and saw a girl in a red dress standing up and saying, no, this boy has done nothing wrong, he will not be hanged. The girl cried as she spoke. I say, no, let me be hanged. The girl is looking at me. The shape of her face is a lot like Lalmami.

I used to sit in Sonakhali Pakapule for many nights. At that moment, the fear of ghosts disappeared from my mind. One day I came back alone one night. How many times have I been startled by the name of an unknown bird while walking alone in the dark. But never afraid. As soon as he stood in the kitchen, Mohar's mother gave him more rice. These words never fly.

I was very sad at that time I was drowning. That's why there was no headache with the minor troubles that happened every day.

He doesn't want to spend the day anymore. No human being can live without love. Maybe that's why I got sick. Spending time lying down. I don't know why, the disease feels good. There is no other work than sleeping from morning to evening. From time to time Badshamama came and sat down. There is some irrelevant talk. Mama may have said,

Eat more milk, the body will be stressed.

Well mama, eat.

Janmashtami fair in Pirpur, go or see?

I will go to cure the disease.

Mama stays for a while. He spoke in a non-existent manner. It is a big surprise to see and hear. His health has deteriorated. Cheeks sit and look like an old man.

Lalmami didn't come big. Maybe he said from outside the door,

Ranger fever has come again?

No mami, no fever.

If not, fine. Saying this he left busy. I stared at him with thirsty eyes. At that time, I love and hate Lalmami at the same time. This is my first time having such a dual feeling towards an individual. Of course, this has happened for many others in the future.

It was at this time that I became a little closer to my aunt Safura. It is my childhood wish to have intimacy with him. He will be a year older than me. Very quiet kind of people. I have seen him since childhood, walking alone on the verandah. A stick in hand. Sometimes he is knocking and saying in his mouth, the bird flew away. Seeing such a strange thing on the first day, I fell from the sky! He didn't see me, so he started knocking on the stick and the birds were flying. When I went and asked,

Aunt, what do you do?

Tears came to her aunt's eyes in shame. Somehow he said,

Nothing, I play. Even then I saw my aunt playing such a strange game. Shame on you for not reading it. I really wanted to talk to him. But he was very ashamed to see me.

Aunt Safura often used to come and stand at my door during illness. I would call,

Aunt, come in.

No, I live here.

He used to stand at the door saying this for a long time. There were many conversations with him. I don't remember what kind of talk it is today, I remember, my aunt used to press her face and smile all the time.

Aunt used to tell strange stories from time to time.

One day he came and said, Ranju, a big surprise happened last night. I am asleep, I suddenly woke up to the sound of laughter. As soon as I met his eyes, I saw a cute fairy sitting on my bed. I'm surprised! Then the fairy talked a lot with me. It is dawn. When he said, I go. I said, he is a fairy brother, I will give a little hand to your fan? He said, "Don't give up." I turned my hand on the angel's wing and saw what a fluttering fan it was. And since then the sweet smell in my hands. I don't see or smell.

As soon as Safura's aunt's hand was dry, I smelled bud flowers. The aunt may have been wandering around with a bouquet of flowers for a long time, smelling it. Aunt Safura was a really heavy weird girl. One night a big surprise happened. I saw Lily in a dream. He is saying in the same guardian-like manner as before, Ranju, you are not being taken care of at all. Here. You come to me.

I forgot about Lily. How long has he been gone? I did not remember why he spoke for so long! I was very surprised to break the dream. I don't even remember what Lily looked like. Just remember, his chin was kind of elongated. There was a red sesame. As a child, Lily used to show me this sesame and say, Ranju, if this sesame was on my forehead, I would be a queen.

After a long time I saw Lily in a dream perfectly. And that night I decided to wake up and send a letter to Lily knowing the address from Nanajan. This made me feel very good. I feel like my body has healed, I stand on the verandah and eat air.

As soon as he came and stood on the verandah, his eyes widened at the sight of Jochna. People are so sad when they see such light. Who knows why?

I stood there for a long time. When my legs came up, I sat against the wall. Suddenly I heard Lalmami crying in the next room.

There is nothing wrong, I heard clearly. Mama also said something in a low voice. Mami stopped crying and threatened, I will not listen to anything. I

This incident does not seem to mix with this wonderful jochana outside. I'm upset. '

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Written by   41
2 years ago
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