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Today is the day we meet the new Alpha. His name is corvan but we have to refer to him as Alpha Corvan It’s proper and tradition. He is not mated yet so he’s not really a popular topic with the elders. He’s 23 which isn’t bad but it kind of gets on the elders nerves a little that we don’t have a Luna. He has spent most of his time sleeping around and fu...cking off but that typical for a young, handsome alpha.

Although, He has had his share of women he’s a massive player and doesn’t keep them around long which is not surprising but it is surprising that he hasn’t mated already. Seeing as how he’s slept with almost every young female on the compound.

Who would tell him no though he is gorgeous. He stands 6’5, has dark almost black eyes naturally, he has long wavy dark brown hair with golden accents from the sun that hits just below his shoulders. He has an honored amount of tattoos from his kills as an Alpha. He has to fight others to keep his status standing strong but it’s not just a fight it’s to the death. The cover both of his arms up and down and covers his whole chest. I’ve never seen them but I’ve heard stories. He is a very large guy roughly 3 times the size of our average wolf in human form that’s how you can tell he’s an Alpha. Human form and wolf form he is an intimidating creature, large and easy to spot in any crowd.

I am Celine Wood. I am 21 and I work at a coffee shop during the day and then at night I work at the pack house usually making dinner and preparing midnights snacks to keep the fridge stocked for the betas and the alpha who live in the pack house. The omegas and deltas live on the compound but in their own homes.

I have long black hair curly most of the time but it’s so heavy and thick it’s generally wavy when it’s tamed. I have bright blue eyes I got them from my mother. I’m not an average slender wolf female. I have curves and I’m on the bigger side. I have never had a stomach but for some reason I’ve always had a..ss and hips and a full chest but around here it’s it not common.

My parents went rogue when i was about 14. The Alpha took me in and let me work in the pack house until I was old enough to be organized into a class. I would either end up rogue, beta, delta or omega but I’ve always had a smart mouth and don’t do as told very well so everyone always joked I’d become a rogue too. I think I’m just stubborn and headstrong but it’s looked down upon unless your an Alpha.

The welcoming party for the new alpha begins at 8. I get up and go to work and I normally get there around 5:30. I work at a coffee shop and most people who wake up early for work at 6:30-7 want coffee as soon as they get around. I’ve had this job since i was 16 and it’s been great for extra cash since i get tips and paid by the hour. I get off at 3 but today I have time to go home and relax for an hour and then have to be at the pack house by 5 for my daily chores there. My work at the pack house pays my rent to live on my own within the compound this was an agreement that the alpha gave to me when my parents went rogue. I’ve pretty much lived on my own since then and have learned everything myself.

I am invited to the party but after my daily chores. I don’t have to cook dinner tonight since there was a catering for the party thrown for Alpha Corvan. THANK GODDESS! Sometimes i just really hate cooking. I go ahead and do the dishes and make the snacks. It never fails that snacks are their favorite part so it’s always a must on my list of chores.

I hear a laugh at the door way, it is stacia and her pack of Wh..ores. See stacia is the pack sl..ut she’s been with just about as many people as Corvan has. She hasn’t found her mate yet but it probably because she will find a pimp instead. I laugh at my own thoughts that was a pretty good one.

“Look at old miss maid in here cleaning and cooking like the good servant that she is!” She says

“Oh haha stacia you are so original, would you jut got find the next wolf your going to bone and leave me the he..ll alone!” I snap back at her.

“I will honey don’t you worry and don’t be in here fingering yourself to the thought of me fu...cking the brains out of all these hot wolves here!” SHe laughs again thinking she’s the center of the universe. Her Wh..ore pack laughing to. Do they actually hear how stupid they sound?

“ I will sure try my best not to but it’s just so hard tho since i just want to be you sooooo bad!” I say in my most sarcastic tone I have.

I don’t think she liked my comment very much so she turned and walked off. I swear she is the walking billboard ad for STDs! Ugh she just grosses me out.

It’s almost time for the party and I’m running late. I just finished my chores and I have to go home and get dressed lucky for me it’s only a mile down the road the compound is rather large with high security. I get into my car, an older model black mustang, and drive home. I would run but i don’t want to smell like a wet wolf and look all crazy. I at least want to look nice this time. I never get out and i da..mn sure deserve this. I’m only going for the Booz and free food i didn’t have to cook!

I get home and my goal is to look unrecognizable. I normally dress in jeans and a tee since I work so much. Tonight i think I’ll go with my favorite black heel booties a black skirt that ends above the knee, a lace cami and a destroyed look denim jacket. So cute and bad a..ss yet so comfy. I straighten my hair since I always wear it in a bun for working purposes and it falls to my hips it’s so long but I love letting down my hair!

I finally get my make up done with a Smokey eye, macara, and dark dark red lipstick. I take a look in the mirror and i don’t even recognize myself. Wow bit..ch you look FINE! Says my wolf I think i really impressed her. She’s always begging to come out but she’s always horny or vicious and mouthy. So for my sake of keeping my job and my living situation i keep her pretty much shut In. She comes out when we all shift and do our runs but that’s basically it. I steer clear of all conflict so i don’t have to risk it because she’s petty easy to come out and extremely hard to fight to pull back in.

I finally am back at the pack house this wolf is ready to party!! I park my car in my usual parking space and check my hair and make up once again. It’s now or never i tell myself but i have a sudden weird feeling. I almost feel sick to my stomach. Must bet nerves so i shake it off and get out of the car.

I walk into the pack house and go to the grand hall where all the parties and banquets are thrown.

It’s only for special occasions like today that they open the grand hall like this. There are waiters walking around with appetizers and champagne on their trays. There are giant lit up chandeliers that resembles floating lights. Sheer white curtains hung up everywhere to make it look magical and an abundance of mostly green florals and ivys everywhere that make it have a woodsy feel. It makes us wolves feel right at home.

I grab a glass of Champagne and start wondering around. I make eye contact with a few males and get some smiles out of them. HOLY sh..it!! I’m being recognized and in a good way!

Just as I’m about to grab another glass i hear someone clinking their knife off of a glass to get everyone’s attention. “Thank you everyone for being here tonight as we celebrate our new Alpha, we appreciate and respect each and every one of you and hope that you enjoy your night to the fullest. Drink, dance, eat, mate and don’t forget to have a he..ll of a fun time!” The speaker says. Well that sounds easy enough!

I have been smelling something so intoxicating all night they must have Had some amazing cleaners come in before the party because it is amazing. At this point I’ve had a few to many drinks. I’m a wolf so i can hold alcohol pretty well until i just basically can’t anymore. It normally take quite a while. I’ve danced so much with a few different guys tonight I have never felt more alive, more free, or more happy. I feel the need to go to the bathroom all of a sudden, I’ve drank so much I am about to explode.

I get to the long hallway that leads to the bathroom and my wolf if going insane. “do you smell that” she keeps asking. “That smell is invigorating” and she’s purring up a storm. I’m a..ssuming she likes that smell too. I enter the bathroom and go pee. I was holding that for an eternity it seemed. I’m almost done when i here the door to the bathroom open. It’s weird to say he..llo or whose there when there’s more then one stall available so i just finish up. I open the stall door head down exiting and am started when i bump into the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen standing in front of me me black eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair. Just the perfect amount of gold steaks in it from the sun. He has full perfect lips and is huge taking up the whole space of the stall door no room for me to maneuver around him. My wolf is trying to say something but I can’t hear her Over the sound of my heart trying to beat out of my chest, plus i think she’s a little drunk too.

His eyes locked onto mine he puts one hand on my hip and pulls me close to him lifting me up so my legs are wrapped around his waist. He’s aroused i can tell. The look in his eye is pure devilish. He is having dark thoughts no doubt. Being in the ladies room for one is definitely up to no good. He sets me down on the counter and kisses my neck while holding a handful of my hair firmly. I am breathless and moaning, what in the he..ll is this I ask myself.

He stops only for a second to breathe “where have you been?” He ask

A litttle confuses by his question I ask “ what do you mean?”

“I could smell you from the moment you walked in. I tried to keep my distance but then i saw you dancing with that tiny fu...cking wanna be bad a..ss and I couldn’t handle that.” He says.

“Why?” Still confused at what he is getting to and why he is here it hits me OH sh..it he could be my mate!! “What’s your name?” I hurriedly ask as best as I can with slurring words and a dizzy head.

He smiles down at me and says “ as of today it’s Alpha corvan.”

Shocked and the room spinning around. No freaking way is it the Alpha. No way is he in here kissing me.

Interrupting my thoughts and minor melt down he says “I’m pretty sure we are mates your wolf is just really drunk and I’m getting a really bad headache from trying to mind link with you. What’s your name?”

I don’t hesitate at all I think I need to sober up though “Celine..Celine wood.” I say still

Confused. He looks at me and steps back. Now I’m REALLY confused! He looks disappointed and mad to be honest. He put his hand on his forehead and starts shaking it.

“No fu...cking way!” He says. “No fu...cking way is my mate a future rogue. A disobedient wolf who cooks and cleans and works at a coffee shop!” He spits out. Looking more angry now then disappointed.

I don’t know what to say to this so i just sit there still trying to process and wrap my mind around it all. One moment I’m happy then shocked then happy then confused. Now i think I’m getting a little mad and it’s mostly the alcohol.

“You can’t be my mate. Not...you....” he says looking me up and down.

“What the fu...ck is wrong with me” I say jumping off the counter and so glad i landed on my feet.

He growls and lunges forward pinning me back against it. He closes his eyes an groans a little as his hips rub against me and i feel his length growing. He growls again and snaps out of it. Not moving from in front of me he stares me in the eyes and says “you are not my mate and someone like you will never be my mate. I, corvan black, reject you Celine wood as my mate.”

I’m not sure why at this point I’m mad or hurt but I push him away from me with such strength that he flies into the stall behind him. Furious he gets up and I’m ready to fight.

He stands up and realizes this is a party for him, straightening his tie and jacket and says “this right here is a reason. You are a disobedient bit..ch who can’t take orders and you will never be my mate.” His words so cold and dry. He walks out the door and I’m still just shocked. fu...ck all i wanted to do was drink, party, and pee in peace. Then he comes in with his indecisive ungrateful a..ss and messes it all up. He was 100% just fine with me until he knew my name. At this point i think I’m done with the night. All i want to do is go home now and sleep it off.

I decide since I’m a mile away and I’m drunk i better just walk home and sober up before i get there so I’m not hung over when i wake up or regret wrecking my only car I have.

I get home and I’m laying in bed still confused about the whole night. Still shocked that the Alpha even kissed me let alone told me i was his mate just to turn around and reject me. I geuss I’m thinking too much of him that i get a mind link. I feel

Something weird. It’s pleasure but i feel like I’m being betrayed. I feel sick to my stomach but i feel an arousal. OH MY GOD!!! Someone is having sex and mind linked me w..tf!! All of a sudden i get this feeling like I’m being stabbed in the back and I’m being kicked in the chest at the same time. It’s Corvan he’s having sex with someone else right now and he’s mind linked me. Why? Did i mean that little to him that he wanted to keep ruining the night for me. I get it you don’t want me. fu...ck this is too much. So i put on my headphone and blast some good heavy rock in my ears as loud as it’ll go an it helps tremendously until i fall asleep.

I get up the next day and have to wrap my mind around everything that happened. Luckily I’m off from both jobs today so i decide I need a shower and a full day of alcohol. Last night was a mess and i need to unwind an get it out of my system before my wolf realizes that was her mate and freaks the fu...ck out on me and i get all the sad feeling you have as a wolf of being rejected by your mate. I felt some last night but if i would have been sober it would have been pure he..ll.

I get up to shower and i hear my cell ring and i turn the water off and get out going over to answer wrapped in a towel dripping water everywhere. “Hello?” I say answering my phone “oh yes I’m sorry i left my car there last night i was a little intoxicated and i figured it would be best if i walked instead of drove. I should be there within and hour to pick it up. Thank you so much see you then.” I hang up at least the security man likes me. I laugh to myself a little but then am hit with the fact i May always be alone.

I’m out of the shower, dressed and have already walked back to the pack house to retrieve my car. Man I’m thirsty tho drinking sure does take a lot out of you. I’ll swing by the kitchen right fast and grab a bottle of water before Starting my day off.

As i step in the kitchen i see another girl that is fairly new to the pack helping out in the kitchen with breakfast. “ hey I’m just going to grab a water from the fridge and a snack and I’m on my way. My names Celine nice to meet you!” I say shaking her hand.

“Oh hi I’m Olivia. I’m new here. I’m sorry I’m really busy oh b-but I’m not trying to be rude!” She can barely keep from studdering. She must be shy all the time.

“Your fine girl! Looks like your doing great. I work here in the evenings so It’ll be cool having a new person!” I say reassuringly. Must be first day jitters. I smile and wave goodbye as she leaves the kitchen.

I go to the fridge to grab my water bottle and snack and as i turn around to ask olivia how she likes it so far not noticing she already left the kitchen i bump right into corvan. Scaring me half to death and dropping my stuff all over the floor. “Sorry Alpha I didn’t mean to get in your way.” I say looking down so no eye contact is made. “I’m just leaving don’t mind me.” I try to go around him but he’s too big. I can’t step around him. Sudden I’m frustrated he’s being so arrogant. I left him alone like he wanted and I’ve even being respectful right now. Then i remember the mind link last night and almost punch him in his face. Claws are out now!

“Excuse you, but if you don’t mind your MAJESTY I’d Ike to leave so i can have a fun filled day with Booz and men!” I say severely angry at this point.

“Men?” He repeats back to me fire in his eyes. I geuss they chose a stupid alpha because that’s all he heard.

“Yes men and lots and lots of alcohol. It’s my day off and i plan to enjoy it unless your plan was to destroy my day too. seeing as how you destroyed my night!” I say Annoyed and just flat out ready to fight. He has some nerve.

He reaches his hand to my hair as pushes me back against the fridge. “ i don’t.... i can’t explain.... i dont know why I’m even here!” Standing closer to me ..and moving in closer with every word. “ you are help here, your a future rogue”..shaking his head “ I was with the most beautiful girl in the pack last night so why am i here?”saying it more to try to convince himself then me. Check and hips against me now pressing into my body like it’s becoming one.

“You really dont need to explain yourself to me and i really don’t need to keep hearing how low I am to you!” I say colder now becoming more frustrated.

He reaches out and places his huge hands on my curvy hips and he pulls me close. so close that my breast are touching his chest. He can feel everything about me. I can feel everything about him. His length growing in his pajama pants against me. Looking up into his eyes they are more black then the usual, like he’s looking at a meal he’s been craving.

I’m turned on as fu...ck and he can smell it. To my own surprise I am still fuming from earlier. Alpha females have a little more resistance then males but not much. He rejected me too, I didn’t accept it yet, but i was up all night just thinking and i have a much grander plan in mind.

I place my hands on his chest feeling his muscles, every ripple of his rock hard abs. Moving my hands upwards and tilting her head taking in everything. I caress his neck with my fingertips lightly just enough to give him a chill. My hands still traveling upward into his hair with a slightly firmer grip. I sees his darkening so i licks my full natural pink lips and then bite it teasingly. Knowing he is watching everything i do. Hearing his breathing go from already heavy to rugged and deep is a small reward for me. My plan is working!! Moving my hands back down his chest making full eye contact I stop at his pants line index finger looped inside the elastic band of his pajama pants. Raising my mouth to his ear and whispering “ didn’t you reject me?” With a smirk on my face I know what I am getting myself into.

He seems shocked but my voice had an immediate affect on him he nods yes still in a trance but flexing his muscles all over his body as I spoke.

“ didn’t you sleep with the most beautiful girl in the pack last night, isn’t she still in your bed now?” I say a little more seductive this time. I have to keep my game face in.

He seems confused at this point but mostly aggravated that ink haven’t slipped my hands into his pants like every other girl and growls deep from the back of his throat Sexually frustrated.

“YES” he says so deep you could barely understand.

With a smile on my face so mischievous i say ”then I suggest you get your fu...cking hands off of me and go lay with your new mate, I have plans with someone else since I was rejected by you”. I remove my hands from him and shoves his away, surprising him by my strength once again. You’d think since he’s Alpha he’s learn.

He is left standing there in shock or anger I can’t tell. As black as his eyes can get His wolf makes him lunge forward as soon as she reaches the door and pins me to the door so i can’t open it and leave. Both hands on the side of my head against the wood she’s leaning against. He’s furious and i can tell now. His chest is heaving, his veins bulging out as he’s flexed every muscle in his body in anger, he’s growling so fiercely im almost afraid. He can’t control it anymore he snaps and his wolf is furious too “ you are mine!” He yells as he leans down to bite her neck and mark her as his he’s interrupted by Stacia, the girl from the night before.

She’s pissed as he..ll seeing corvan so close to me. She snarls “I thought you were mine, you told me last night she meant nothing to you and you rejected her!” She states out loud. He snaps his head around and snarls back at stacia. This distracts him just enough for Me to pry myself away from him. I debate running but then i turn around to the now active face off of stacia and corvan growling and lunging at each other. Stacia catches her looking and says “ go ahead and go fu...ck your own mate and leave mine Alone he rejected you. Your nothing but a pathetic rogue bit..ch!”.

“Don’t mind if I do, I’m sure I’ll have the night of my life tonight. You keep your alpha bit..ch, I felt everything he felt last night anyways through mind link he obviously wasn’t that impressed with you!” I say smugly.

I turn and walk away exiting the pack house. Man that felt amazing i thought to myself but for some reason there’s this feeling i can’t shake. something clawing it’s way to get out but I can’t seem to figure out what it is so I swallow deep and ignore it. No way is he telling me what I can and can’t do when he can just sleep with who ever he wants and then expect me to be is back up late night booty call and not even be proud of it!

In the pack house,

The look on Alpha corvans face can not even be described. He is angry, furious, he has murder in eyes but somewhere is a tint of confusion. He doesn’t want her or so he thought.

He stands up straight trying to center himself running his hands through his hair to straighten his gorgeous dark brown mane, shirtless with only his pajama pants on. He’s a very intimidating figure even without clothes on but da..mn is he fine. He steps forward slowly with every step is a louder growl in the back of his throat. Stacia locked into his sight.

“ im so sorry baby I didn’t mean to act that way toward you, let’s go upstairs and I’ll make it up to you” she says rubbing his chest with one hand and reaching down to his length with his other.

In one quick movement he grabbed her wrist both in one of his large hands and has pinned her to the wall anger flowing through his veins. Sniffing her neck and getting her scent he’s disgusted, how did he not smell this before he thought.

“You like what you smell baby?” She says thinking things are going her way again.

With a disgusted look on his face he drops her to the floor “ your smell is fu...cking disgusting. I don’t know why i didn’t smell it before, it’s probably why i didn’t enjoy last night as much as I thought i would, and now i have fu...cking blue balls”.

Shocked by the way he talked to her she snaps “ so you prefer that rougue bit..ch over me, what in the he..ll does she have that I don’t?!”

Outraged he picks her up by her throat and slams her to the wall his wolf is screaming to rip her throat out how dare she talk about our mate this way, he drops her to the ground gasping for air. His wolf calming down too, this trash isn’t with it.

He starts sniffing the air to lock Celines scent in. “Now where the he..ll did she go?”

I’ve made it to my house just a few minutes after leaving the pack house. I’m not going to lie I sprinted the whole way here in thoughts he would chase me down and kill me. As I’m inside I’ve decided that I’m going to go to the club in town.

So I quickly shower and blow dry dry my hair straight. I’ve decided on wearing a black lingerie teddy body suit. It’s lace and see through in all the right places except my nipples there is padding in there that seperates me from looking like a porn star. I pair it with a black mini skirt that really shows off my a..ss seeing as how it’s rather large and a pair of my favorite thigh high black boots. I look I’m the mirror and I’m shocked at how amazing i feel. I really told the alpha off and now something inside of is turned on so let’s dance and get drunk I deserve it after what he did to me and how he made me feel. Im finally ready after adding some mascara and a little dark red lipstick i grab my Keys and I’m ready to go. I pull up to the best club in this area, Club Duvvo. There’s strobe lights, smoke, alcohol, and men exactly what I came here for. I came for revenge and because I was feeling particularly sexy tonight. As I walk in the music is so loud thudding and vibrating off the walls I feel it in me. I’m also turned on so it might not be helping but adding to it, I’m instantly dancing and swaying to the music. I feel hands on me big and strong wrap around me running up and down my body. Yes!!! I say to myself this so what I came here for. I’ve never done it because I thought I’d save it for me mate but he rejected me so what’s the point now. fu...ck it i say to myself. I feel his muscular chest on my back and then to see a man about 6 foot tall jet black hair slicked back. He’s wearing a black shirt and dark jeans he smells good not as good as Alpha corvan but it’ll do. He smells my arousal and his eyes dilate to black almost instantly he wants me too. Our lips are touching fiercely and I feel his tongue in my mouth strong and needing me his hands on my a..ss rubbing like I’m a genie in a bottle. We pull away realizing we are in the middle of the dance floor and laugh. He takes my hand and we walk outside feeling the cool September air crisp and clean it’s almost mesmerizing how our wolves have such a heightened sense of smell. We walk to my car and i get in I motion for him to join me. I’m ready for this. He didn’t want me so I’m ready to experience a whole new life of freedom.

As we drive up to the compound gates the guard ask me for my name and ID. Protocol for all the residents of our pack. We have a very high security system. He scans my ID but doesn’t give it back. He looks confused. Miss the alpha has stated that you are to meet him at the pack house immediately upon arrival. I snort shaking my head. Of course he would want me to come to the pack house to meet him he’s so selfish and arrogant. I say “of course” getting my license back knowing good and da..mn well I’m not going to meet him. I head for my house instead i have business to take care of.

We have made it out of the car in the same trance as before, jerking the door open, ripping his shirt off I push him to the bed and slowly climb in too evaluating my prey. I kiss him and he flips me over now evaluating me the same way. He leans down to kiss me just as he does my door is being shattered into splintering pieces. Wood flying everywhere if I didn’t know any better someone had just driven their car through my house. We sit up shocked checking ourselves for injuries but there is nothing.

I look up to see corvan in the doorway fully dressed now instead of his pajama pants from earlier. He looks like he was out to, dressed in his black leather jacket, white tee shirt, and black ripped jeans. He is so sexy but so mad. How dare he Come in here like this! Acting like he owns the place!

In the blink of an eye he has my date pushed against the wall growling loudly and teeth sneering snapping at his throat. He yelling at him “do not touch what’s mine or I’ll rip your throat out”. He is a good five inches taller then my date and I thought my date was huge corvan is triple his size in muscle mass. Something comes over me and i walk to him and place my hand on his forearm he looks at me and drops the guy he’s trying to kill. It’s instant fire and ice. My date is scrambling to get up. When his feet find the ground he takes off running out, well i at least thought he’d fight i thought to myself kind of disappointed. Corvan growls again and snaps his head around to me “ you were going to give that bit..ch of a man what’s mine?!” He ask angrily.

He’s steps forward an quickly pins my hands to the wall. Picking me up with his other arm hand on my a..ss holding me up like i weigh nothing to him. His arms are so massive how could he think anything he ever touched would be a challenge to move. He puts his face to mine his breathing so heavy he says “ this is mine all! All this is mine! No one else can look at it or touch it!” He growls loudly releasing my hands and punching the wall behind me. My god why is he so sexy and why does he want me all of a sudden.

I look up at him eyes darkened, I run my thumb on the bottom of his lip and watch as his breathing quivers almost as if he didn’t expect me to touch him. “ why the fu...ck did you mind link me when you fu...cked stacia?” I ask.

Still heavy breathing he’s lost for words. “ I don’t know i thought she’s what i wanted. I thought that I didn’t need a mate”.

“But why mind link me?”

“ I tried to mind link you and tell you I’m sorry. I had been drinking and things weren’t clear. I didn’t enjoy it and i think i let you know i didn’t enjoy it more then i was trying to apologize”

He leans in and kisses me fiercely so furociously it’s like his wolf is mad at him and tryign to make it better. I kiss back standing my ground. He kisses my neck and nip at the crook of my neck instantly a hot wave of pleasure jolts through me and I jerk my head back. He laughs so deep it tumbled through me and makes my hairs stand on end “ so you like this?” He says as he does it again. “ I can show you so much more that you’ve been missing out on”. His voice is so seductive.

“Yes” is all I can make out breathlessly.

“ accept me as your mate “ he says. For some reason this gets to me and stops everything. I push him back away from me and growl. “Accept you?!” I yell! “ you rejected me and you want me to accept you!?” I yell once again.

He growls at me “‘do not talk to me like that!”

“I am your mate and your alpha!” He is still growling out to me.

“ you need to leave my house! How dare you try to claim something that you threw away!”

I say feeling tears in my eyes for some reason I feel sad but i try to hide it in anger.

I wipe my eyes and look at him puffed up ready to fight bees on edge and almost about to shift. I make full eyes contact with him “ you should have left me alone so I could fu...ck my date and get you out of my system!”

He runs his hands through his hair and looks at me. He walks to the door and jsit leaves. Was it that was this whole time. All I had to do was say those simple words.

I walk to the door and see him holding my date by the throat. he was waiting in my car since we drove here in it. Corvan looks at me and growls so loud Nd so deep the trees shake. Everyone knows that growl. That’s the alpha growl. He snaps his neck and hurls his dead body across into the woods like he was nothing to him.

I gasp unsure of what i just saw and cover my mouth with my hand. He walks to my porch steps up and looks at me takes my hand in his and lifts my face to his. “You are mine!”.

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