The day of salvation

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2 years ago

"Rest in Peace" Distance between "moon" and "you" Sometimes not whole And really very far But isn't it still within your reach? Do not be bored What date the moon will form Because it is already written in the calendar Just wait. On the exact night Where you can see him Just like the person the Father provided for you Every night you ask Him And you will keep your promise that you will wait happily And what He wills, you are there Prove you will not give up on your vow Because remember that He has never failed His faithful and trusting children In case you were waiting Suddenly the sky darkened and stormed Wait for the next few nights How many more sunsets and sunrises though And it will take a few more years You still have to wait Because you know the sweetest wait? The one despite the test You are still safe Because God can turn the situation for your own good He can hold the cloud for the moon in space you will see Trust me. You will receive the fulfillment of your requests When you prove your trust completely Even if the world tries to destroy you You still cling to Him Sure, A smile can replace your sadness, Because the most perfect time will come for you He will provide the fruit of your prayers. You wait quietly And do not break your vow Just calm down, Expect, the moon will also form.

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