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3 years ago

"For most a hurtful word

Because you have never been his priority

He only sees you when he has a problem

He is there when he is sad

They only talk to you when they fight

He will only call you when he needs you

He will only text you when he wants to talk to you

He will just go to you for .. What is it for ??

To let you know that you are just a friend

That never has a right

There is no right to tell him

To say that he only chose me

Because at first I was his choice

Option that I do not know what it really is,

What exactly should I do?

Just avoid him? Because he is already owned by others,

Tell him how you really feel? Maybe she loves me too.

Just stay away? Because I see that he is happy with putting others.

He is happy with others,

Yes to others, my friend.

So I don't have to fight anymore.

Because I will just let him be happy he lives with others.

Instead, I can ruin the relationship of others.

And our friendship broke down.

Up to here we are just the two of us.

I hope you are happy with him.

Because I don't want any more options.

There will also come a time when I will meet the person I am his priority.

Not at all but I know he's just anjan.

Like traffic, like a turtle

The important thing is that you wait for him to arrive.

And you will not waste the love he will give.

Because I believe, that there is someone destined for each other.

Let's just learn to wait and not be easy on many things.

Because everything that happens to us has a reason.

Yes, we can now be just the choice of the people we want,

But we will still recognize that we are one with the priority being you. 😍



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3 years ago


Anytime I see a notification about your article,am always eager to click on it and read your poems.....they are always nice and entilsing


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3 years ago

Good article dear

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3 years ago

yeah friend you are right.

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3 years ago

even the situation like this,he can remember you when he needs something to you,but try to ignore him,i know he feel emptiness without you and don't know where togo.

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3 years ago