if you really want something you buy especially if it will make you happy.

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2 years ago

since I realized I only see this once, it's really rare, so once I said to myself that when I grow up I want to have a net, I want to take care of our net plant. sakto me nakit ako nag post neto sa social media I was amazed and asked how much it is, it is said to be 3,000 pesos,

because it is said to be a rare plant and rarely, when I like it, I bought it even though I knew it was my last money.

It's also for my happiness, the money will be earned in a cup. but every day I will be satisfied that nothing can be bought. i really love ponsentia plant!

It's so double. when you wake up every day you will see your plants❤❤ my heart is overflowing with joy and gladness...

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