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"Unfriend your friend if it is needed"

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1 year ago
Topics: Motivation, Reality

Being friendly is okay. Being friendly is normal and being with your friends is the best.

Each one of us has a circle of friends, friends that we treated as a family. But remember, that circle of friends of yours has different characteristics and attitudes. As days, months, or years will pass through you can now observe who are the real ones and the users.

It is not hard to understand the importance of the word "friend" or the word "best friend". But when you get older these words are easy to use, easy to read but the person behind that words is hard to find. It is hard to accept the reality that they abandoned you or they just leave because they already get what they want. That's why it is better to learn to say NO.

It's okay to unfriend or go away from them because it helps you to grow or to become more mature and to have peace of mind. Being with toxic people is not healthy for you as a person.

Losing a friend is normal because there is no permanent in this world. But remember there are seasonal friends, childhood friends, and your best friend.

Just stay who you are and let the real ones stay.

Thank you for reading!!

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