"Saakin Nagtagal sa iba Ikinasal"

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It takes a strong individual to create a strong foundation of relationships. It requires trust, respect, unconditional love, unending understanding, and acceptance in every flaw you both have.

But why should the other relationship end even they both love each other unconditionally and have been in a relationship for a long time?

Last 01.18.22 is the saddest day of my friend's life, I have to think positively about how I can comfort her even we are far away from each other.

Let me share with you the story.

Disclaimer: This is a true-to-life story, I ask permission from my friend if I can make an article about it, and she agrees.

The purpose of this article is to share life lessons especially to those who are in a relationship here in read. cash.

There are two individuals with different interests in life. The one is interested in making good grades and being an excellent student while the other one is interested in playing music and joining music-related composition.

They are both in high school this time, let's just name the girl Maria and the boy Jake.

Maria is an excellent student who loves to serve her school that's why she runs for being a student council president and luckily she won.

Two months after she won being a Student Council President, her first huge job is started. She needs to plan with her counselors about the upcoming school intramurals since their school is a private school, students from other schools are looking for what events and activities they have to do.

One of her counselors shares the idea to have a battle of the band per level and it will be held at night so that they can earn money for their fund by selling tickets. Maria agreed and make that event one of the major events and it will be presented during the Intramural Pageant.

After that, the student council members are busy preparing for the upcoming event and the registration for the battle of the band also starts.

Maria was the one who focus on the band registration. In the middle of Maria's busyness, one guy caught her attention and it was Jake. Jake is so popular in their school because of his talents and handsomeness.

Jake and his buddies are going to register to join the battle of the band after Maria handed the registration paper, she was shocked when she saw the band's name "Maria". The band was named to her, and she asked Jake why but she did not receive any explanation but just a sweet smile.

The spark between the two started that day, until the day of the battle of the band. Many students support the band Maria and it is very obvious that they will when that night.

The long week of Intramural ended with a victory ball, they have a disco and a fireworks display. That night Maria is backstage preparing the things to use in the awarding when Jake handed her a letter with a note " Open this when you got home".

When Maria got home, she went straight to her room and open the letter from Jake. The letter said about how Jake admires Maria and he also asks Maria if she will allow Jake to court her. Even it was a late-night, Maria write an answer letter to Jake and she will give it to Jake on Monday.

When Monday comes, she saw Jake carrying a guitar at the school gate. She called Jake and handed the answer letter with a note " Open it when a smile". When Jake opened up the letter, the only word written in the letter is a big YES.

Then the courting stage starts, Jake visits Maria's house and asks permission from Maria's parents about it. And the parents of Maria allow them but they should think and consider limitations.

They become a couple and they rock the school, they become both an achiever, and Jake helps Maria with her assignments as SC President. They become a good influence on each other.

They graduated high school together and they are in their 3rd year in a relationship. They enroll in the same University, took up the same course and the same major. They were happy with each other until Jake decided to transfer to the other school which is far away from their hometown and they will be far away from each other, but Jake's decision is firm and final so Maria just supported him with his decision.

Maria helps Jake from getting the papers that are needed until enrolling in his new University. Jake follows what his heart wants to be but still, he is pursuing the same course but a different major.

Their relationship went well they even celebrated monthly and of course their Anniversaries with each other company. When they celebrate their 6th Anniversary, Maria agrees to give herself to Jake because she is very sure that Jake is the one with who she will marry. Maria is in her 3rd year of college and Jake is still in his first year because he is an irregular student.

When Maria was in her 4th year, her schedule become hectic and this is the start of everything. She is balancing school matters and her relationship with Jake, but she notices that Jake is changing the way he acts which makes Maria paranoid. They start fighting every day and even they break up with each other but later on they fixed it and all things back to normal.

Months passed their relationship become toxic that's why they both decided to relax and take time to fix themselves. Even they are not in a relationship anymore Maria has always been texting Jake to update.

Maria also now knows what are Jakes's actions in his new University from the first week until they broke up. Jake is having an affair with every girl he jammed with but Maria accepted the fact that she has a lot of flaws as a girlfriend.

When Jake wants to get back with Maria, Maria agrees and this time she gives all of her. But, Jake become more insensitive, he didn't even update Maria about his gigs and everything. Until Maria give up on their relationship, she graduated from college and continue her life.

Maria and Jake have mutual understanding, they even make love they are not in a relationship. They become casual to each other. Jake try to have another relationship but all of them didn't work out.

After a year, Maria meets Josh. Josh and Maria become a couple. They are happy with each other and achieve their dreams together. But, when Josh gets back on his job a seaman Maria and Jake get back on each other and sin.

Maria tells everything to Josh and Josh respects Maria's honesty. He told Maria to fix everything and when Maria is ready to love Josh with all her heart he is still there to accept and love Maria.

After that heartbreaking and heartwarming talk with Josh and Maria.

Last two days ago Maria was shocked when she saw Jake's Instagram post. Jake just got married to their schoolmate in high school and also Maria's close friend.

Now, Maria is still healing from the heartbreaking news. We all her friends are supporting her and updating all of her activities so that we can prevent any suicidal activity she might commit.

Life Lesson:

“The worst feeling in the world is when you can’t love anyone else because your heart still belongs to the one who broke it.” — Unknown

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” —Brené Brown

Thank you for reading!!

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