"My Brother is a Bookie "

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Gambling is one of the most reasons for some families that got broken. Gambling can ruin a life of an individual and can be an addiction.

Many gamblers once said, " Money won is twice as sweet as money earned." That's why they choose to gamble than work hard to earn. The fun and the money make them complete.

I wanna share with you the story of my brother who is a gambling addict.

I am the eldest among four, I have 3 brothers. My brothers have different interests in life, the first brother of mine interest is in gambling, my second brother his interest is earning money on his own, and my third brother his interest is playing online games. They are now aged 24, 21, 13.

My first brother is a lazy one and he is a short temper guy, he loves sports and into trouble. He was being introduced to gambling by our biological father. My father was into gambling too. By the age of 11, he went into a galleria and he learn how to handle cock fighting. Way back before minors are allowed to enter gambling premises but now they are not allowed to enter because there a now a law.

When my father is on his work that is far away from home, my brothers are the ones who will take care of the fighting cocks that my father owns. They were trained to be a gambler by my father.

Later on, my first brother has now introduced himself to other gambling games such as poker, tong-its, and other money matter games at an early age. My mother disciplines him but he just never minds my mother's words and continues. Because of his gambling issue, he has a lot of friends that are into gambling too. He learns to drink, to get some money from our mother, and even got into a fight.

When he is in college, he enrolled in BS in Criminology. Among us two, he is the one who has a big amount of allowance, his studies went well in the first trimester of his college career but later on, he learns how to use his allowance in gambling, drinking liquor with housemates, and getting in with big cock fighting galleria. But, my aunt gives him another chance to continue his studies. When he is in 3rd year of college, he stops going to school because of his girlfriend. He feels so in love with the girl, and the girl's family uses his allowance to pay their bills. That's why my parents and my aunt were against him and his girlfriend especially the girl's family.

Because my brother stop going to his University, his allowance also stopped that's why the family of his girlfriend make an issue that ruined their relationship and led them to break up. They also went into a Barangay hall to complain against each other. My brother is now back on track on being a gambler and he gets back into his studies.

Suddenly, the school update the school curriculum and that is the moment that we found out that my brother has a lot of failing subjects that he didn't re-enroll that is why his department kick him out due to a lot of failing grades and unenrolled subjects from the first year to 3rd year.

My parents and my aunt were so disappointed by him because they thought that the money that they give is used to pay the school fees.

After that, he transfers to another school and enrolls in the same course as before. But, after the first year of his studies, he again stops because of gambling. He continued to be a gambler and went into illegal cock fighting.

When the Covid-19 starts hitting every place in our area, cock fighting and other gambling games are prohibited, and once you were caught by the authorities who have to pay 36, 890 pesos for a penalty and face a criminal case.

Even though gambling is prohibited, gamblers find ways to be satisfied with their happiness. And to be expected my brother, my brother's friend and my father went to that illegal cock fighting site, in their location, there are unfamiliar faces who come and join the game. And any minute the arresting of gamblers starts, luckily, they escape before the arresting happens.

They continue to go to illegal cock fighting sites even the authorities are now on their move to catch illegal gamblers.

One day, it was Sunday and every Sunday there is illegal cock fighting. My brother goes into that particular place but when he arrived the game is over that is why he decided to go to another area where there is also illegal cock fighting without knowing that the authorities are on the spot waiting for them to start the game. When the game started, the authorities starts catching the illegal gamblers, and one of the illegal gamblers that were caught is my brother.

No one in the family knows what happened to my brother when one of the gamblers that escaped told my uncle that my brother was caught by the authorities and will be brought to the Police Station. At any minute, my uncle (police) called my aunt to bring some clothes for my brother because he is wet. My husband and my uncle go to the police station to present as family members so that my brother will be able to change his clothes.

He was convicted for almost 3 days for his first attempt and paid 36, 890 pesos for him to be discharged. He was released for a while, but they were being convicted again once the summon of their case will be given.

It was November 2021, when their summon was released and he is convicted for 3 weeks. My aunt and other family members of the convicted gamblers paid for an attorney for their case. A week ago the hiring starts and they are finally released with a criminal record of illegal gamblers.

Now my brother is back on his studies and I support his studies but he is still a gambler, he didn't even learn a small lesson from what he experienced last year. But, I know someday he will realize the lesson of his actions.

Life Lesson:

Life is full of adventure and lessons. Learn the lesson of your experiences because no one will teach you to change anything but yourself. God is always watching what you have done in yourself, trying to make a difference, and letting God help you with that.

Thank you for reading!!!

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