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Assets that Grow in Value

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1 year ago

Considering for a new investment? Here are long-term assets you can gain from in the long run

Your funds should work smarter for you, always.

For many Individuals, they depend entirely on their earnings for savings and security. But there are other means to grow your investments—aside from placing them in the bank—and get added value for your funds.

Here are four assets that grow in value over time.

1. Real estate

Land is a highly profitable asset, but it takes planning to pick out the finest property or piece of land. For many investors, they will often procure lots of raw, unrefined land in regions where they foresee profitable expansion to take place. As a city grows and becomes more evolved, the locality land worth will also surges. And should you opt to trade, you immediately gain the profits. However, it's necessary to note that it takes time – around 5-10 years or even more! – for the value of land to grow.

2. Stock market funds

Nevertheless of economic setback that may make the market unstable, in the long run, stock markets see an overall upsurge. And so, investing in the stock market may prove to be advantageous to those who are looking to keep their money in channels that will help them grow their savings.

3. Government bonds

For those who are seeking for something similar to stock market funds with greater stability and security, government bonds may be the right to choose. Corporate bonds grow in value and allow you to gain earnings. You can make more from the interest or when you trade the bond to other investors.

4. Insurance

While not necessarily ‘liquid' like other assets, insurance is a product that gives you more value over time. Case in point, what you may pay for insurance today (or when you're younger) will be less than what you would pay in 5 or 10 years. Simply put, insurance offers a type of “savings” and value that is more than the initial investment.

 VUL (variable unit linked) insurance plans allows you to protect your loved ones financial future (for a lifetime) and, as an added benefit, potentially grows your money by investing a portion of it in various funds. Newbie in investing? You don't even have to worry about when and where to invest since there are expert fund managers managing your money for you.

Learn more on how you can grow your portfolio of investments from your financial advisor.

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1 year ago
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