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Share Your Battle: Elven Cutthroat

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1 month ago

This week's challenge is on using the Elven Cutthroat card. I was happy when I saw this because the Elven Cutthroat is a card I have been using a lot. It wasn't too difficult for me to make a battle with this card.

This card is particularly good in quick battles I find, as the Elven has good damage and speed, but doesn't have a lot of hit points. It has the stealth ability so it targets the last of the opponents monster, instead of the first one. A very useful ability as it can save you quite some damage when you kill the final monsters of the opponent.

My Battle

I decided to combine this weekly battle with my earth quest.

My line-up:

Summoner: Lyanna Natura

Tank: Unicorn Mustang, best tank for earth splinter for beginners

2nd: Goblin Thief, always good to have stealth

3rd: Child of the Forest, super fast with 5 speed and has snipe

4th: Elven Cutthroat, I put it here because it is not the last one and at this position less at danger of getting attacked.

5th and final: Mantoid, love the snipe ability and high health on this card.

You can see my battle here:

Elven Cutthroat

I chose the Elven for my battle here because it adds speed and kill to my battle. I like the stealth ability as well and in the place where I have put it it is not too much at risk itself. I find the Earth splinter pretty hard to work with at the basic level, but the Elven makes it better.

I hope you have enjoyed my battle. This is my first time participating in the share your battle weekly challenge. Would love to hear your feedback!

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Written by   42
1 month ago
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