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Movie Review: Fatherhood- Kevin Hart Shows a Different Side

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3 months ago
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You might know Kevin Hart as a stand-up comedian or as the host of many award shows. In his latest movie Fatherhood, Hart shows that he has much more he is capable of then just being funny!

The Story- No Spoilers

So this movie managed to make me cry within 5 minutes, I think this must be a record. It starts out super sad with Matt's (Kevin Hart) wife dying at the birth of their little girl Maddy. Completely unexpected Matt is now a single father, who not only has to deal with grief, but also bringing up a baby and navigating what he thinks is the best life for them. I have to say that after the first 5 minutes I though: I sure hope this movie becomes a bit more than just sad. But it does! Don't you worry!

Helping Matt are his parents in-law (who often disagree with him) and his buddies who can help teach Maddy how to play poker. Things really come to a boil when Matt gets a great career opportunity that clashes with taking care of Maddy and a new love might be on the horizon.

So should you watch this movie?

I would say yes, go watch it!

You can find it on Netflix. What I liked about this movie where how Hart shows a new side to him, capable of playing a serious role but still making you laugh from time to time because, well he is a pretty funny guy. I also like how the movie shows that parenthood is outright messy and difficult. You will never know what the right choice is, and you will get it wrong from time to time. The movie shows that that doesn't make us bad, just human.

Though at times the movie could use a bit more pace and momentum, I still think it's a good watch! Have any of you seen it yet? What did you think?

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Written by   42
3 months ago
Topics: Movie, Film, Cinema, Review, Blog, ...
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Thank you for this. I might check out the movie.

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3 months ago

Awesome let me know what you think!

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3 months ago