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Fantasy Premier League: Week 7

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1 month ago

Hi everyone! Another week in Fantasy Premier League and it was a week full of surprises! For those of you not familiar with Fantasy Football: you make your own team consisting of players in the Premier League. You are on a budget of course and so you must make smart choices. You then get points based on how well those players do that week in real life!

So gameweek 6 was not my best, but I had high hopes as I made some changes for gameweek 7, like finally getting Antonio! I also got Ajer in the defense, but he then went ahead and got injured haha.

Gameweek 7

So it still wasn't a great week. Hojberg, usually one of my worst performers, was my best performer because he scored, but honestly I think it says more about the sorry state of my squad then about him haha.

So this was my weeks results:

I should have made Hojberg captain! I earned 33 points, just below the average of 38.

So who did it best?

I always love looking at the best team for inspiration, so here it is:

I really should get Salah, but I don't know where to get the funds! Other than that the duo of forwards was very surprising this week!

Looking Forward to Gameweek 8

I don't think I will change that much and give this squad of mine another chance. I feel like they could be dynamite, but just had an off week.... Let's hope so at least!

How did you fare this gameweek?

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Written by   42
1 month ago
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May the next game be in favor of your team hihi.

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