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What is The Unfettered?

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The Unfettered; Play2Earn is an AA quality story-based game with NFT and Metaverse concepts. It tries to maximize the gaming experience by combining soulslike and RPG game genres.

The Unfettered is a free-to-play play-to-earn game focused on delivering high-quality gameplay with a great gameplay and gripping storyline.

Offering high graphics quality in the game because it was designed with Unreal engine 4, The Unfettered tells the story of a lonely woman's war and difficult journey to end the years of Blood and Tears in the Age of Gods. As the game's story evolves, it is aimed to provide players with a unique game graphic and real blockchain experience.

Among the most important missions of the game is to provide players with a high-level gaming experience and to realize this by creating a souls-style RPG game. The Unfettered aims to offer players a play-to-earn experience where they can earn money while playing games and maximize their profits.

In-Game Token and Marketplace

Players will be able to experience everything Play-to-Earn, NFT and Metaverse have to offer in this game that combines Soulslike and RPG-based gaming experiences.

Players will be able to progress through the adventure by collecting the souls of defeated enemies in this exciting but challenging journey and explore the realm in search of souls. They can convert the souls they collect into in-game tokens, NFTs, or stake and earn passive income. Moreover; Players can level up with in-game tokens, purchase items and equipment or upgrade items in The Unfettered market.

Players earn SOULS tokens by killing in-game creatures or performing certain quests and activities.

SOULS tokens can be sold or staked to generate passive income. NFT items earned from the game can be sold to other players in the market or purchased from other players with earned SOULS tokens. Moreover; NFTs in the game can be used in the development of in-game characters as well as rented to other players in the market.

The Unfettered Metaverse

In the metaverse phase of the game, in-game revenue models increase and different uses of SOULS tokens emerge. This provides players with different sources of income.

As players advance in the game, they can purchase land in the Unfettered Metaverse using the marketplace. They can create business areas on these purchased lands or rent these lands to other players to earn passive income.

Players can also open and manage their stores and earn money for every transaction made in their store in the marketplace. Moreover; Players can mint NFT, place bets or withdraw proceeds from transactions to their wallets.

Users who just want to earn passive income rather than playing games can earn income by staking SOULS tokens or by renting NFTs and virtual lands they buy.

The Unfettered Difference

Unlike other play-to-earn games, The Unfettered combines gameplay and monetization, offering players the true potential of play-to-earn games. In this way, it creates a bridge between players and blockchain.

Most play-to-earn games have a gameplay style that focuses on making money rather than playing games. This causes players to quickly get bored with the game and lead them to sell their holdings to make a profit. In The Unfettered, players are offered a real gaming experience. In this way, players can both enjoy and earn money while playing the game.

Ultimate Gaming Experience

The Unfettered has some priorities for gaming and blockchain mechanism to keep the excitement of gaming adventure active, maintain fair and safe gaming order, and a deflationary economy.

Players work to survive in the game as in other souls style games. The Unfettered encourages players to spend more time in the game and develop their characters with its game design and high-level gaming experience.

Paid / Free Versions

The Unfettered can also be played for free with tokens that can only be earned in-game. In the paid version of the game, players can start the game with stronger characters by purchasing different items from the market.

As you progress in the game, players can earn more in-game tokens by using the items they have obtained, and they can extend their life by repairing these items that wear out over time in the game.

Current Game Content

The top priority of the project is to keep the game constantly updated so that players can enjoy their in-game token and NFT earnings.

Deflationary Economy

The most important issue when creating an ecosystem where in-game tokens and NFTs will be earned in the game is to avoid inflation.

The deflationary measures to be taken at this point are as follows:

  • In-Game Token Burn Mechanism

  • Metaverse In-Game Token Burn Mechanism

  • Maximum In-Game Tokens Per User

The player needs to spend SOULS tokens to repair NFT items that are used in-game and wear out over time. Moreover; The amount of SOULS tokens each player can earn per week is limited.

In-Game Justice System

An in-game system has been designed to prevent cheating in the game. With this system, it is aimed to prevent any foreign intervention that will disrupt the economy of the game and harm this economy.

The range of in-game tokens players can earn at any stage is the same to ensure a fair gaming experience for every player. If the winnings are less or more than normal, the system kicks the player out of the game or burns the tokens won by the player.

The Unfettered Roadmap

The concept of The Unfettered, which has been developed for more than ten months, has been defined and has three levels ready. The first trailer of the game, whose seed and special sales have ended, is on the air, and an IDO is planned for the coming months.

The demo version of the game was released on Steam for free and non-monetized at the end of the first quarter of 2022. In the 4th quarter of 2022, the game's blockchain-defined system will be released. In other words, in the 4th quarter of 2022, the game will be played on the blockchain and money can be earned on the game.

About Unfettered

The Unfettered is the product of an experienced team that aims to bring a new breath to the developing game world with its constantly updated story, deflationary economy, and player-oriented priorities such as fair gaming experience. There are distinguished names among the partners, team and consultants of this Turkish-made game.

The groundbreaking developments in the gaming market and blockchain technology, combined with the increasing use of NFT and the countless new experiences offered by the Metaverse world, The Unfettered will give a new impetus to the gaming world with its story and good infrastructure.

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