The curious use case of ADD SLP token

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ADD stands for Air Drop Daily Token

Token ID 254b141591705b8587f125bb1b08f6007236e3188a7266c8dabadf6435f64fe0

You may have seen it on Reddit or its promise to send dividends to any token holders EVERY DAY! That's huge right? Who wouldn't want a "free" token that would pay them some Bitcoin Cash. But wait the creator directs you to a link so you can buy the token from with some of the proceeds going to the airdrops. If you get lucky enough or win promotional event you can get one for no cost.

In the beginning it seemed really promising dropping millions of Satoshi on holders. But if you looked closer something strange was going on.

The Facts

Mint History

  • Genesis November 4 2019 - 12 - total 12

  • Mint 2 November 4 2019 - 12 - total 24

  • Mint 3 November 6 2019 - 12 - total 36

  • Mint 4 November 7 2019 - 24 - total 60

  • Mint 5 November 9 2019 - 40 - total 100

  • Mint 6 November 11 2019 - 50 - total 150

  • Mint 7 November 12 2019 - 100 - total 250

  • Mint 8-15 November 16-30 2019 - 250 - 2,250

Creator - user RoadTrip

Airdrop Amounts

  • First Airdrop Wednesday November 6th 2019 - 1.5 million sats - 36 tokens exist

  • 7 days 1,000,000

  • Bonus Day: November 14th 2019 - 55,000,000 - 250 tokens exist/220,000 each Note this equates to about $0.43 a token.

  • 2 days 2,000,000

  • 5 days 5,000,000

  • 7,000,000

  • 2 days 5,000,000

  • 10,000,000

  • 8,000,000

  • 9,000,000

  • Bonus Day: November 28th 2019 - 75,000,000 - 1,500 tokens exist/50,000 each note this equates to $0.11 a token.

November 28th Airdrop

Please see a screenshot of the BCH block explorer for the transaction for the Air drop especially the last 5 addresses. Or check the explorer yourself

ADD token Sales on

If you look through the 6 pages of sales many of the tokens are being bought by the same 4 or 5 users. Please note that some of these users may have just been caught up in it all some look to be in on it.

  • Hitler on drugs

  • Super Satan


  • **ShadowMan**

What seems to be happening is a few users are buying up any tokens sold below a threshold to inflate the price.

Please note that **ShadowMan** has reached out to me on

Top Addresses Holding ADD token

6 of these accounts only have the ADD token in its balance only 1 has over 5

Other Social Media Links used for the ADD token

Conclusion is Air Drop Daily a Scam?

I would ask that everyone look at the evidence and the writing on the wall. Anywhere in life if something is too good to be true it usually is. Always do your own research. Remember this is your money, know what your investing in.

What are your thoughts on the ADD token? Did you buy one? If so how much? Did you get one free? What did you do to get it? Post your comments questions and such down below. If you liked the research work I did please hit the tip button below! Here's hoping you can spot the scams.

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What is strange is that the users:

Hitler on drugs, Super Satan and

send the ADD tokens to the address: simpleledger:qr8dlg8crfykzg6ae4622y67u525wgcjz5y330hy38

Here any example transactions:

The user ShadowMan is not making any transactions to this address. This user has a different behavior.

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3 years ago

wow didn't know you could list them like that through I wish you could take the addresses off the bch block explorer and search the address in to see which wallets are associated to which user if they exist in

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3 years ago
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3 years ago

I knew I had seen something like that before! I couldn't remember how to get to it when I was pulling all the info. Thanks!

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3 years ago