How to setup a Cobo Vault

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In this article we will begin a hardware wallet adventure with Cobo Vault. Cobo Vault is the top of the line hardware wallet and for good reason. Everything seems to be very well thought out.

What's in the box?

  • Cobo Vault

  • Cobo Vault Battery

  • Cobo Tablet

  • Cobo Case

  • Charging Dock

  • Charging Cable

  • Allen Wrench

  • Extra Screws

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Small Screw Driver

  • Warranty Card

  • Container of Letters for Cobo Tablet

Where to buy

Let's setup our Cobo Vault

Step 1 - Open

When opening the box be sure to look at the tamper proof sticker and make sure it hasn't been tampered with. If you pull the sticker off you will notice that residue from the sticker will read "VOID"

Step 2 - Charge the battery

The battery does not come charged find the charging cable, base and battery and plug it into a charging device with a USB (computer, cellphone charger, powerbank, outlet etc). A strobing light will illuminate on the front of the charger. Once charged the light will be solid.

Step 3 - Download Firmware

You will need a microSD card with at least 500MB of free space you can download the zip file right to the drive and plug it into the Cobo Vault

Step 4 - Turn On

Once the battery is charged connect the battery to the Cobo Vault. Press and hold the button on the upper right of the Cobo Vault

Step 5 - Update Firmware

The Cobo Vault should see the MicroSD card with the firmware and automatically begin the firmware update. Note this needs to be done before you can sync the Cobo Vault mobile app to the Cobo Vault Device.

Step 6 - Verify the device

Select Language English or Chinese.

It will then have you go to an authentication screen on a web browser Navigate to and click Web Authentication which will pop a box open. Click Scan QR Code.

The Cobo Vault will then scan the barcode from the website then provide an authentication code.

Type this code into the website. If the website says Authentication Succeeded then press the button to continue.

Step 7 - Create Vault

Here is your chance to import a vault created from the device or you can create a new vault then agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Step 8 - Create seed phrase

The Cobo Vault will then generate you a seed phrase

Please note that the start of this seedphrase was never used to create a wallet.

Step 9 - Use Cobo Tablet

Use the Cobo Tablet to store your seed phrase. At the bottom of the box you will find a container with all the letters you need. Use the screwdriver supplied and remove the 4 screws at the corners of the tablet for the first 12 words. Remove the plate and use the letters to build the first 12 words. Return the plate back and screw in the 4 screws. Repeat this for again for words 13-24.

Remember the Cobo Tablet only has space for 4 letters in each word so words like danger and bubble would show as dang and bubb. It will automatically populate the rest within the device.

Step 10 - Verify Seed Phrase

The Cobo Vault will then have you type in all 24 words in order making sure you have it in the Cobo Tablet properly

Step 11 - Set Password

Here you will create a password to get in and out of the Cobo Vault. Make sure not to lose this password.

It will also have you create a pattern for device unlock.

Step 12 - Attach the Serial Number

Inside the box you should find a serial number sticker which is to attach to the Cobo Vault it should match the serial number on the outside of the box. Stick this to your Cobo Vault under the battery.

Step 13 - Download Cobo Wallet Software

Apple -

Android -

Step 14 - Sync Mobile Wallet Software to the Cobo Vault

To do this click on the upper left corner of the phone app it will display a code scan this code with the Cobo Vault to create a link to monitor wallet addresses

Setup Complete

Step 15 - Deposit Funds

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