How to earn Pickle Finance Coin

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Please note that this token made huge gains today

Let's take a new DeFi token project

Pickle is an experiment in using yield farming to correct stablecoin pegs

The site works in conjuration with

Start by going to the farm and seeing what coins they offer

If you don't have any stable coin you can go to sites like




Now go to

Click on Add Liquidity

From here enter the amount of stable coin you would like to put into liquidity

Note you must have both stable coin and ETH in your wallet more than likely metamask

Now you will have to approve a transaction that locks the rate in which will cost you gas in ETH

Once processed you will now need to click supply and incur yet another gas fee But first it will ask you to Confirm

This is where the 2nd fee will occur this one will be even larger than the first

Once complete you can confirm the liquidity this is how you can pull your liquidity and get all your crypto back plus interest

What you have just done is received Pool tokens for the trade this is what you use to earn additional yield.

go back to

Click on Farms and select the stable coin you deposited with

Next click Approve UNIV2 USDC/ETH LP

here you will pay for another smaller transaction fee

Next click the Stake sign

Click Max and then confirm This is where you will pay a larger transaction fee

Once the transaction is complete your done! You are now earning PICKLEs for staking your stable coin.

Rick would be proud!


You will need to have a trading pair PICKEL offers

If you don't you would need to

There are 4 transactions you will have to pay fees for

  • This example cost .04711325 ETH in Gas which at current time is valued at $17.22 USD

If you provide liquidity for PICKLEs you can earn PICKLEs even quicker!

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