How to Access a Web GUI from a remote SSH connection

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Recently PrysmLabs added a web GUI interface to its ETH2 staking software however most setups are only CLI and access the machine through SSH using a product like PuTTY.

In this post I will show you how to configure PuTTY to allow for remote Web GUI from the remote machine.

First you will need to have PuTTY installed

Next you will need to know the IP address and Port you use to connect to your CLI server.

If this is already configured and setup more than likely you have already saved the session with this information to make the needed changes this Session needs to be loaded.

Once loaded look to the left for additional settings Find Connections and expand it Next Find SSH and expand it Select Tunnels

For this example we will be using the settings to access a website hosted locally on a CLI machine running Prysm.

Bare in mind this config should work with any locally ran website just change the port according to the instructions for setup.

From here see screenshot below for the port and destination settings you need to add.

Once entered click Add

Now connect to the SSH session and login

Next open a browser and navigate to the website you would as if the remote machine was local.

hit enter and now the Web GUI should load as long as you opened the ports needed.

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