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Gameplay and Updates from the Game Boss Hunter

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10 months ago

Few days ago I published an article about Boss Hunter, a challenging mobile game that let us earn cryptocurrency called ARC or Arcade Coin. I also did an article on how to withdraw and exchange ARC to any coin of our choice.

From that time I found some changes in the game, am additional features to enhance the excitement in our gameplay. And of course, I was able to accumulate again over 500 Arcade Coins🚀

New Game Modes

As you have noticed from my previous article there was only Lucky Wheel, Endless Tower and Raid below the Chapter game. Now they included Card Hunt and Arena, let's check this out, we might earn more Arcade Coin here. 😁


In this game we need to fight against monsters to be able to retrieve the cards below. Those cards will be dropped randomly after the Boss Hunt game. This game costs 3 hearts to enter.

Take note that this is very difficult game. Why? Because there are more monsters in each level, as in moooore😆.

Here's an overview of the game:

A warning from the Boss😆

Before the game starts, you will be promoted to choose your initial skills, here's what I chose. You may also copy my set of skills for a better leverage in the game. They might be randomized in each game, but I hope you get the point why these are the sets of skills that I use.

Initially we can choose 4 skills, in my gameplay I chose this Set to have a higher attack damage and more monsters to be hit at the same time, as I told you, there are more monsters in this mode. And here they are:

Stage 1
Stage 2
Final Boss

My Hero was able to withstand those monsters with the skill set that I chose after each Stage. So initially I chose skills for attacks and damage, then after each stage I chose more on Defense Skills that enhances the HP and also Evasion.

Then I defeated the Boss in Card Hunt🎉

Defeats the Boss😎

Then randomly, a card was dropped in addition to gold. Just click it to reveal which card did we get. And here's mine:

I got an uncommon card, Jet Trooper. Sadly I didn't get a higher card or rare card, but this is not bad though. The effect of Jet Trooper card is it adds evasion +2.

So here's how to equip a card:

1.Go to your Hero menu at the bottom of you screen.

2.Tap on the Cards Menu

3.Select your card, in this example we have a Jet Trooper card

4.Tap on Equip. We can also recycle our cards to obtain Magic Powders, a 100 Magic Powder can be used to draw another card.

And now it is equipped in my uncommon headgear. Ready to fight more monsters again. 😆


In the ARENA, There are no monsters but only Boss are your enemy in each Floors and we have to defeat each one of them to be able to go to the next Floor.

We compete to all the players by having the most Floor Boss defeated and will be ranked according to farthest floor in shortest time.

The Arena is open daily from 0:00 to 22:00 (UTC +0)

There will be a total of 10 floors only. All the players will only have a starting HP of 5,000 and starting Attack of 1,000. So it will be fair and equal to every player, regardless of how strong our Hero, all the Stats from our equipments, Hero, Cards, and Power are not available.

We have to go the farthest floor in the shortest possible time.

So here's my experience about the Arena

Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3
Floor 4
Floor 5

Floor 6

The first to fourth floors are not that difficult stage because I had defeated them in the Chapters 1 to 5. I am familiar with their attacks and how to avoid them.

On Floor 5 and 6, there are two Bosses, I also encountered them in earlier Chapters but they are more movable here in Arena. So far I defeated them, I just ran away them throw the attacks from a distance.

Floor 7

Then Floor 7, as I expected, the higher the Floor Boss the stronger they are. It is very difficult because of the type of attack of the Boss. I had hard time avoiding them because I am not familiar with its skills and attack type. I got cornered and dealt a critical damage.

And then I was defeated by the Boss at Floor 7. So it means I only got Floor 6. Here's my rank in this particular game.

In 3 minutes, I was able to finished up to Floor 6 and got the Top 4 among all the players. This is still too early, there is 19 hours left for other players to join and get the spot.

What are the rewards of Arena game?

Here's the list of rewards. Top 1 will get 350 gems and 25 Arcade coin. Because I am on top 4, I will only get 10 Arcade Coin, still its a win for me😊


The game is so much fun to play. I honestly got hooked in this game. I also like the two new game modes that has been added. They are quite challenging, But its not that hard to win and earn.

So far I can recommend this game for those who wants to play and earn without spending money. You also don't need to play hours and hours just to earn cryptocurrency in this game. You also can't play whole day because of the limited Hearts that is needed to start the game. There is also AFK reward for not playing the game😆, so take some rest too.

Let's also see what the future price of Arcade Coin will be. It is still a cryptocurrency, very volatile, it may went up or down. All we have to do is accumulate and hold or withdraw.

Good luck Crypto Gamers🍀




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Written by   84
10 months ago
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3 weeks ago

Hi why i cant find the card event. Is that futute gameplay co i didnt have card system or the event either

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8 months ago

Good day mate. I downloaded the game but it is not connecting to the game server on my phone. What can I do about that.

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10 months ago

Did you downloaded it from playstore? Try checking your internet connection too

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10 months ago

I did. Its not working for me. Can't connect to the server

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