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App-earning Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

simple android game to earn BCH

Hello there, I would like to share with you this android app/game that I used for a long time. I earned Bitcoin cash here with a simple click of a button. Unlike other faucet sites, with this, you don't need to solve any captcha.

There is a minimum of 10,000 bch satoshi to automatically withdrawn your earnings every Tuesday. Yeah, that's right, it can be aweekly earning of BCH.

Here's how to start

Download android app here

Create your account and paste your BCH address on the control panel found in the home page of this app.

My Proof of payout

Payout are send automatically on your BCH wallet if you reached 10,000 satoshi every Tuesday.

I received 11,650 of BCH satoshi last December 22 in my coinsph wallet.

Final Verdict

All I can say that if you love to earn Bitcoin Cash, this must be a must-have app on your phone. A simple app that pays automatically, that was one good advantage of it. No need to request payout everytime. Another feature that I like with this app is that it has no captcha to solve before claiming. I highly recommend this for all BCH lovers out there. And of course, it's Free!

Enjoy and happy earning to you all.

This was previously posted at my blog, PinoyCryptoBooster

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Written by   84
1 year ago
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