Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 9: Problems Of The Town

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That day Maria Clara was set to retrieve her abbey.

Her Aunt Isabel was waiting in the carriage to finally leave. He was the arrival of Father Damaso.

The priest was not pleased with their departure, so they rushed to the Captain's house.

The Captain immediately met him with the right handler in his hand but the priest refused.

Instead it was said that this would prompt his intention to the Captain.

According to Padre Damaso, Captain Tiyago should not be secretive because he is the second father of Maria Clara.

He also said that the girl should stop talking about her purity with Ibarra.

The priest added that the Captain should not seek good for his enemies.

The captain, however, was convinced by Father Damaso's words that his departure promptly killed the candles Maria Clara had for Ibarra's trip to San Diego.

Meanwhile, Father Sybila went to the Dominican convent at Puerta de Isabel II.

Here he visited the paralyzed priest.

He recounted previous events such as the clashes that Father Damaso had made at Captain Tiyago's house, the alleged impeachment of the Lieutenant General, and alliance with Father Damaso.

The elderly also exchanged attitudes and said the increase in taxes caused their wealth to decline.

He said the Filipinos had learned how to handle property.

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