Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 8: Memories

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The day was beautiful.

Ibarra crosses Manila along the rig and the scene around her brings back her memories.

Her gaze was still the same.

Rides and carriages of unmanned travel, the pilgrimage of busy business people and their respective activities: with Europeans, Chinese, Filipinos; there were men freighters, others were women selling fruit.

The shops and animals that accompany the livelihood are also there.

The talisman tree in San Gabriel was unchanged while Escolta was thriving instead of developing. The carriages rushed to the office staff and priests, including Father Damaso.

Captain Tinong saw him so he greeted him.

On the street of Arroceros Ibarra grew up and remembered that he was sometimes poisoned by the odor of tobacco there. He also compared gardens in Europe when he passed the Botanical Garden.

The whole of Manila for him was stagnant, but the buildings were just wrecked by the weather.

As a result, Ibarra's mind went through what his teacher said.


Wisdom is attained when the heart desires.


Wisdom must be cultivated and passed on to the next generation.


There should only be an advantage - if the Spaniards stayed here to take the country's resources, the foreign country would have to give it wisdom and education.

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