Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 7: Asotea Lock

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Maria Clara and Aunt Isabel attended church that day early.

After breakfast, they are ready for the task. Aunt Isabel cleaned the house due to the clutter of last night's dinner.

Captain Tiyago opens the living scriptures while Maria Clara sews while talking to the father to entertain himself because today is the scheduled meeting of Ibarra.

The girl is restless because of the longing for her lover.

They decided to take a vacation to San Diego because the festival was near.

Soon Ibarra had arrived and the girl was in grave danger.

Maria Clara entered the room again and her Aunt Isabel helped her to fix herself.

It also came out and the two met in the hall.

Both of them had happiness in seeing each other's eyes. To escape and escape the dust created by Aunt Isabel's sweat, the two headed to Asotea.

There they talked deeply about their feelings and their vows to each other.

They returned to the memory of their infancy, their warmth and quick greeting.

They also keep the memories and the things they give to one another.

These include the leaf of the sage that Maria Clara put on Ibarra's hat to prevent it from warming, and Ibarra's letter to Maria Clara before she left for Europe.

The maid read the contents of the letter. According to the letter, Don Rafael aims to educate Ibarra far and wide to serve high quality in the homeland.

It is supposedly willing to endure the isolation of the child so that eventually it will give the people its purpose.

Ibarra, on the other hand, was shocked to learn that tomorrow was tomorrow and he had a lot of work to do.

Ibarra had already informed that the Captain had instructed her to tell them that they would be on vacation.

Maria Clara, on the other hand, was moved to tears because of Ibarra's loneliness.

His father tells him to knit Ibarra with two candles and offer them to the saint of the traveler.

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