Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 6: Captain Tiago

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Captain Tiyago is the only child of a sugar trader in Malabon town.

He was about thirty-five years old. But uneducated he was taught by a dominant priest.

After the death of the father he would continue trading.

He met Pia Alba from Sta.

Cruz and they got married.

Couples are highly regarded in high society for being wealthy and doing good business.

Captain Tiyago is described as a handsome man with a moreno, short, round face.

Smoking and grimacing ruined her look. He served as governor.

His service included mocking the Filipinos and letting the Spaniards do the work.

The Captain also treats himself as Spanish while he treats the Filipinos as Indio.

The Captain believes that the Spaniards are dignified and worthy of respect and esteem.

The Captain is the friend of all those in authority, especially the priests.

Therefore, his name will not be lost at the mass and will be asked to buy heaven.

The love of his saint as well as the holiness of his being purchased.

Captain Tiyago's room was filled with those who had been waiting for Sta. Lucia, San Pascual Bailon, San Antonio De Padua, San Francisco De Asis, San Antonio Century, San Miguel, Sto.

Sunday, Jesus Christ, and the picture of the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Hosep).

The Captain buys lots of property for business purposes.

That included buying land in San Diego. He also made it possible for him to meet the local cat there as Father Damaso and the richest man in the town, Don Rafael Ibarra.

During the six years that the couple married Captain Tiyago and Pia Alba, and despite the good life they enjoyed, the two had no children.

The couple is relentless in their vows. At the suggestion of Father Damaso the two vowed in Obando and danced at the feast of San Pascual Bailon and Sta. Nuestra Senora De Salambao is Clara of Pia Alba.

Pia Alba became pregnant after some time (notwithstanding Captain Tiyago's knowledge that Father Damaso had killed his wife and that the truth had also been revealed).

But Pia Alba was so ill that she even died after giving birth.

Maria Clara is named after the child that Aunt Isabel cared for.

He was also filled with the love of Captain Tiyago and the priests.

Maria Clara and Crisostomo Ibarra grew up as children.

At the urging of the priests his father introduced Mary Clara to the convent of Sta.

Catalina was about to turn eighteen while Ibarra went to Europe to study medicine.

Captain Tiyago and Don Rafael agreed to marry Maria Clara and Ibarra in due course.

The two didn't argue because they were romantically involved.

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