Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 5: One Star in Dark night

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3 years ago

That day Ibarra went to Manila and stayed at Fonda de Lala.

In his room it was a reflection of what happened to the father. 'It soon came to light.

Across the river, the young man looks at the bright home of Captain Tiyago.

He seems to still hear the indoors, the orchestra and orchestration of dishes and tableware.

There was another celebration at the Captain's house that night.

Captain Tuaago's only daughter, Maria Clara, arrived.

The girl was met by friends, children, Spaniards and close friends, Filipinos, Chinese, and the military.

Maria Clara wore a luxurious robe adorned with diamond and gold jewelry.

Everyone is focused on the beauty of the girl. Donya Victorina patiently fixes Maria Clara's hair.

Father Salvi loved the beauty so much that he was so happy and he had so much fun with the girls there.

It also has a secret view of Maria Clara.

Ibarra could easily fall asleep that night. Padre Salvi was the opposite because the beautiful girl Maria Clara could not be lost in his mind.

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