Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 4: Heresy Filibusterism

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In Binondo's plaza Ibarra walks around and notices that his hometown has not changed despite his long-time migration.

It seems that the town is not in development. While walking, Ibarra still wondered what the father had done.

The Engineer followed her to tell her about her father.

Don Rafael's father was one of the richest men in San Diego town. She was very helpful and loved her a lot. Despite being kind, there are also many who are jealous of it.

That includes the priests in the church under the leadership of Father Damaso. As a result, Don Rafael allegedly refrained from confessing, which made the priests angry.

There was a Spaniard back then who was ignorant, arrogant, and amused by all that Don Rafael had appointed as a collector.

One day the collector could not hold back the children who laughed at him, so he adjusted to hurt them. The children ran so fast that when they couldn't reach it, they threw down the baton and hit one.

The boy collapsed and the gunman kicked in vain. Don Rafael saw it so he stole it.

According to rumors, Don allegedly struck the Spaniard until his head hit the rock. Don Rafael helped the young man while the Spaniard spilled blood until he died.

Due to that incident, civil guards were under investigation.

They arrested Don Rafael and here his secret enemies have escaped.

Heresy and bribery, land robbery and other illegal means of enrichment, the reading of El Correo de Ultramar and other illicit publications, allegedly concealing letters and photos from a murdered priest, friendships and robbing the robbers, and wearing the Barong Tagalog.

Don's old friends are gone and turned away. Despite the people's belief that Governor Guevarra was disillusioned, he was the only ally of Don Rafael.

According to Don's plea, the Lieutenant also sought a Spanish lawyer for this.

Despite the lawyer's efficiency, the case has been complicated and has been complicated by Don's opponents. Worse yet, before the trial is over, Don Rafael is suffering from a stroke.

Because of these events Don was so badly affected that he became ill.

Don Rafael died in prison yesterday. Don had no family members or friends.

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