Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 3: The Dinner

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At the dinner table, the guests are in a different mood and feel as if they are a joke.

Padre Sibyla was pleased that Padre Damaso was ruthless when a cadet could hit and hit him. The Engineer ignored it, instead examining Donya Victorina's curly hair.

He did not realize that he had treaded the glittering glue of the World, which it disgusted. Other guests, meanwhile, had their own words of praise and praise for the Captain's good taste.

Since dinner was for Ibarra to meet the young man, he deserved to be in the capital.

The two priests argued over who should sit on the other end of the capital. According to Father Damaso, Father Sibyla should sit at the end of the capital because he is the pope in that area.

However, Father Sybila was opposed by him because he claimed that Padre Damaso was the patron saint of Captain Tiyago's family.

Eventually Father Sybila offered the seat to the Electrician which he immediately refused. Captain Tiyago also refused to be invited by Ibarra. When the meal was served, Padre Damaso accidentally went over the unpleasant side of the chicken.

He was especially concerned because his spine had neck and wings. Unbeknownst to the priest's knowledge, the special pin was for Ibarra only. At the diner the young man shared his life as he studied in Europe for seven years, traveling to different countries and studying history, speaking different languages, his forgetfulness of his homeland despite the fact that he had been observed abroad, even ignorance of the true cause of his father.

As a result, the suspect confirmed that the young man did not know what had happened to his father.

Ibarra also noted that in the countries he visited, there was only one level of livelihood, politics and religion enjoyed there.

This is because they allow it their own freedom and the ability to govern their own country. Padre Damaso immediately criticized and insulted the young man who he thought was a little too much to learn.

The priest added that Ibarra's alleged trip to Europe was a waste of money. Ibarra respectfully accepted what the priest said.

The young man had just mentioned his memories of Father Damaso who he said were usually at the dining table with his father's close friends.

The priest was no longer able to act because of what had happened between them and Ibarra's father. Meanwhile, after the meeting, Ibarra said goodbye so that they did not meet Maria Clara, Captain Tiyago's daughter.

Father Damaso continued to insult Ibarra. The young man's observations that night were his own in the newspaper Estudios Coloniales.

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