Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 2: Crisostomo Ibarra

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When Captain Tiyago arrived with a young man who was obviously mourning his clothes, he immediately greeted the guests and turned himself in to the priests.

The priests, especially Father Damaso, were shocked to learn that the young man was.

The Captain introduced the young man as the son of his ruined friend Don Rafael Ibarra.

For seven years the noble young man in Europe had studied only to arrive.

Ibarra accidentally introduced himself as Juan Crisostomo Ibarra y Translate at the same time, a tradition he learned in Germany.

But Father Damaso refused to reach out and instead turned his back on Ibarra.

Meanwhile, the Engineer approached Ibarra and thanked his safe arrival. He also praised the kindness of Ibarra's father for making him feel good about the young man. Padre Damaso secretly looked at the Engineer as if it was a threat and the Engineer had concluded his conversation with Ibarra.

At lunchtime, Captain Tinin invited Ibarra to lunch the next day but the young man politely declined because he was on his way to San Diego that day.

Captain Tinong is a close friend of Captain Tiyago and also a friend of Ibarra's father.


Tidy - luxurious

Participate - participate

Broken - turned

Observer - observer

Starring - introducing

Confused - confused

Injured - in black It's been a long time

Recovered - lost

Stunned - silent

Disappear - abolish

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Crisostomo Ibarra's also Jose Rizal n noli me tangere means touch me not,it's one of the story/novel i want to read again :)

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sir wait for my publish I will publish the history of noli Me tangere

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