Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 10: The San Diego

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San Diego is located on the shores of the lake and has extensive countryside.

It is a legendary town in the Philippines.

People living in this country are poorly educated, lacking in education and entrepreneurship.

As a result, they were overrun by Chinese foreigners.

Noteworthy here from the top of the church is a jungle in the middle of the countryside.

It is no different from other Philippine-led towns where the government is merely subservient to it.

Before Father Damaso was transferred to another town because of what he did to Don Rafael Ibarra he was acting parish parish priest.

The Spaniards and some wealthy Filipinos are among those recognized as having high office in that city.

An old Spanish man arrived in the town of San Diego according to legend.

It can be very shaky and deep in the eyes.

He allegedly bought a forest in that area where he paid for his belongings such as clothing, jewelry and cash.

The old man was later found hanging on a tree. This caused many people to panic, so some burned the old man's clothes and threw his jewelry into the river.

Soon the son of an elder named Saturn arrived.

He tried to seize the father's estate.

He married a native of Manila and they settled in San Diego.

They had an offspring and it was Don Rafael who was the father of Ibarra.

Farmers hated Don Rafael and because of his hard work, San Diego became a town since becoming a village.

This leadership of Don Rafael is said to be the root of envy and hatred of some of his later friends.

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