Rizal Writing Noli Me Tangere History Chapter 1: The Gathering

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That night a special dinner was set to take place at the home of Don Santiago Delos Santos or better known as Captain Tiyago to serve as a roof over a young man just from Europe.

The young man was no different from the Captain as he was the son of his best friend. Captain Tiyago's house located on Anluwage Street was filled with guests.

It was a great honor to be the Captain's guest. Captain Tiyago is known for being helpful to the poor and belonging to high society.

Captain's cousin Aunt Isabel is the guest speaker and the guest ladies and gentlemen are quite separate.

Other guests, including Dr. Dr. de EspadaƱa and World Vict Victory.

The representative of the church, led by Padre Sibyla, the parish parish priest of Binundok, did not arrest the guests.

Father Damaso who is just as passionate about acting and speaking; two pairs; and Lieutenant Guevarra, the lieutenant of the civil guard. Each guest group has its own theme to express their thoughts, share their thoughts, and seek praise.

Some of the ones discussed were the Indians or the Filipinos; the removal of Father Damaso to the Parish of San Diego even though he had served there long; the monopoly of tobacco, gunpowder and weapons and much more.

At that meeting Padre Damaso did not hesitate to reveal his ridicule to the Indians. They are inferior and inferior species.

In the meantime, Father Sibyla devised a different course of action and hereby entered Padre Damaso's removal as parish priest for twenty years. Father Damaso's explanation was that the king of Spain should not intervene in punishing heretics.

The Electrician, however, objected to the priest's remarks and stated that the punishment was only in the opinion of Captain General.

The Electrician also explained that Padre Damaso's move was due to the carcass of a noble man who was accused of heresy only for not confessing. This made Father Damaso very angry, especially as he recalled the lost scriptures.

Father Sibyla met again to calm Padre Damaso. The discussion at the gathering will soon expand.


Famous - known

Generous - helpful

Arrows speak Not steamy - not quiet

Ringing sound Security - silence

Socialize - deal

Deluxe - expensive

Daring - brave

Inviting - degrading

Feast - gathering

Crowd - most or groups of people

No shit - no respect

Ignorant - carelessly

No judgment - no gratitude

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