Noli Me tangere Chapter 11

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The Mighty People recognized as powerful or casique in the city of San Diego will count only. It is said to be similar to Rome and Italy in the grip of the ruling power over the people.

This does not include Don Rafael, Captain Tiyago, and some government officials.

Although Don Rafael is the richest, respected, and credited by many, he still does not own power in that town.

Captain Tiyago has no position in the ranks of the powerful, who also has assets, including high society, met by a musical band, and served delicious food.

The government's alleged position of governor or town captain is priced at P5,000 and is often provoked by the mayor.

When asked who is really powerful in the city of San Diego, it is none other than the parish priest of the church and the Alperes who is the chief of the civil guards.

Father Bernardo Salvi was the parish priest and young Francis who seemed to be the one who succeeded Padre Damaso. He is more kind than Father Damaso. Alperes, a wife, is cruel to his wife and his staff is cruel.

She is married to a Filipina and she is a Donya Consolacion who loves to dye her face.

It is only natural that there is a secret conflict going on because of the power of the two Spaniards.

But when in public, they show their agreement.

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