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There is a fork in the road and the right path is unclear- what do you do? For many people, this predicament seems like a daunting and impossible task, but if you know exactly what it is you want to get from life there the answer is obvious.

When you make this active decision to begin your own journey of personal growth and development you have taken the first step towards a better and brighter future. Now comes to what exactly personal growth is. It is a transformational process, in which improvements are made in your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, or financial state. Who are unsatisfied with their life and the direction it is healing they undergo the process of personal growth.

To figure out the desired pathway we can set some questions. For example: What is my current state, desired state, How do I get there, What do I need, etc.

Here, I want to point out some positive thoughts on how to continue personal growth and development:

  • At first, one has to accept personal responsibility for one's growth. What you do today will determine your readiness for tomorrow.

  • Need to take time every day to do something for yourself. Listen to the recording on personal and professional growth topics.

  • Need to read the book always. It can be minimum of one chapter of a book a day. Books are concentrated source of wisdom. The more you read, the more wisdom you expose yourself too.

  • Taking up new courses increases your skill and can enhance your personal growth. It doesn’t have to be long term course - seminars, workshops, serves those purposes too.

  • Your environment sets the mood and tone for you. If you are living in an inspirational environment, you are going to be inspired every day. Which is a plus point for personal development.

  • All kinds of fear, like fear of uncertainty, fear of public speaking, fear of risk keep us in the same position and prevent us from growing. Recognize that your fears reflect areas where you can grow.

  • For the personal development, you have to develop your skill. You have to find out about your potentiality and then need to develop and gain experience about it.

  • Work on overcoming personal non-productive habits. For example- overeating, smoking, gossip.

  • Reward yourself is another step of personal growth. Appreciate and give rewards for your good and helpful work in also necessary for personal growth.

  • Do something every day for yourself. It can be reading a book, listening to a song, watching a movie,etc..

Once the process is underway the results are endless. You will find meaning and purpose in yourself that was absent before. Life goals will become possible. The result is a more satisfying and meaningful life, which is evident in your relationship, place of work, self-image, and self-confidence, as well as your world view.

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Thanks for reading.😊

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