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The Other Glow

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1 year ago

I is driving away from the city on a relaxed speed. Getting as far away from The Usual. "Greens are good for the eyes". So I heard many times and this is the first time she will be going as far as possible from The Grey Box and beyond The Usual.

Something shook the Grey and has been shaking the Grey lately. The Commons no longer glow purple.

They flicker.

In the Grey, when there is laughter the glow of yellow burns and it fills the gaps with warmth. I and The Commons share the purple glow and it is the exact temperature where I can breathe perfectly fine.

Breathe. That was the last whisper the last of The Commons told I before they all flickered out to Black. No no no.. they did not die. They just flicker purple and black.. with the purple mere sparks when they show.. that is, if they show.

Soon laughter faded and the yellow glow faded and I looked at her hands and she too was merely flickering purple. She had to get away. They should have moved the first hiccup was experienced. The hiccup sucked the purple out of The Commons - I's commons. It may have been the easiest decision to flicker out together with The Commons but she was determined to prove there are places out there where the hiccup hasn't touched yet.

She remembered all the things she and The Commons were aiming and dreaming about : The Greens.. The rolling Blues. The Crashing Whites. They never got the chance to explore because everyone was focused in rebuilding after the first hiccup.

Rebuilding and rebuilding until the hiccup caused their purple.

No, Not I. She will not.

A lot of others have gone past the border when the hiccup started. Others have come and gone bringing stories igniting that desire in I to finally cross the border with The Commons.

Hopefully with The Commons. But that dream faded .. the hiccups .. well ... sigh

She had to go.

And so she drove out. On the way out she bumped into an older Common. the Older Common is still purple.. with yellow most likely from going in and out. The Older Common told I about The Web and plotted the direction in I's GPS.

She saw the Greens along the way and she felt herself spark yellow.

Finally, it is getting dark. She saw the majestic Orange Fade and it is as beautiful as they say it is but in person, it is more than words can describe. She felt something inside her - a tug in her Beater. It skipped a rhythm.

Night folds in and the glitters are now out. She pulled over to park. A silent steady rhythmic "shh" can be heard from a little farther down where the big White Dot's shadow seem to be dancing on. The big White Dot seem to have murmured something that made her eyes heavy, her Beater calmer, the smile stuck on her face, her yellow sparkling and her purple shade glowing.

Happy. Calm.

She succumbed to sleep.

The sound of murmurs and erupting laughter woke her up from her sleep. She looked around sleepily and was surprised with what she saw.

The silent spot she parked on was suddenly bursting into sparks. Of white. The Web?

She checked her GPS and apparently she was already where she first planned to be.

She blinked again. It wasn't only white there were blue streaks, blinking reds, green glows... And warm yellows that she feels.. the warmth. She walked towards the cluster. To each white she bumps into she nods, they nod back and the yellow and the white and the greens and the blues sparkle in between. There is so much life.


Her purple is super glowing. Her purple is responding. Another purple breezed by .. or so she thought but it blended in the cluster and she cannot find it again.

It felt like a Common. Like one of her Common.

Then it breezed past her again, faint .. purple but blinked yellow ..


Then turned white.

Now the Orange Fade is starting to return. Slowly the Crashing White, the rolling Blues came into view.


She took it all in. Then she felt something clasp on her wrist. She looked down and saw a silver string. She tried to brush it off but it did not move. For something so tiny and thin it is a bit strong and sticky. It is Familiar.

The same Familiar when she was growing bound her path to being with The Commons. Old stories have it, it shows up once in your life and once Familiar completes its bond assignment, it never returns. So this cannot be Familiar. Familiar bound her to The Commons.. her commons back in the Grey.

She blinked and it is still there. She followed the string half-scared and confused. For each step she felt warmth.. she looked up and saw yellow... Fading slowly to white and then glowing purple. Another Common?

She breathes slowly. Finding and bonding to another Common? The Common smiled and spoke , "Breathe".
She stared.
She blinked.

The common glowed yellow.


Glowed green.


Glowed red.

Home. Home?

And back to purple.

Could it be You?

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Written by   352
1 year ago
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hahaha hi, buddy! Thanks for dropping by and visiting. No i doubt i can contirbute or write anything that will lead to "how to earn more bch" .. but who knows, right? Maybe I can get inspiration from you.

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Long live Legend!

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You could write a book, Pich!

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wah! think so? Thank you! That means a lot....

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Of course. Xoxoxo

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