Lost to a Soul

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3 months ago

Needless to say, I am speechless. Shocked.

It is 1:16am. I am (or was) fighting off Mr. Sandman's sprinkling of his magic sand.

I am revisiting Splinterlands and still testing my lineups if they are still there and if they would still win. Coming back from a long hiatus, of course, I started in Novice.

Part of why it is easy to fight off sleep, despite the fact that I still have work tomorrow (or later) and the fact that I also have a weak antihistamine cruising through my system, is because I am on a winning streak! I lost my first game only because I tried a silly lineup for water. I still have that thought that just putting Djinn Oshannus there will make me win. Not wanting to just guess my lineup, I pulled up my list and the win streak started. I was enjoying winning and also curious who this _SLBB_ group. They were my "playmates" and they kept making me happy, so, thank you.

And just when I entered Bronze 3, finally. I was stunned by my next opponents' lineup: A summoner and just one (1) other card.

At first I thought it was a sure win for me then. BUT when his cards started showing up, I was bewildered. The 2 cards are not familiar. Who is this Franz Ruffmane summoner?

And who is this Captain Katie who I can't seem to damage with anything? What is this bloodlust flashing every time this Captain Katie starts to attack and sucks all the life of my character out instantly?

I stared at the result for a good few minutes, trying to absorb what just happened. My winning streak gone and when I was about to earn SPS, I got sapped.

I started feeling desperate to have those cards even just to try it out. I had that same curiosity and excitement when I first learned about Mylor Crowling and Scarred Llama Mage. I have probably really been gone that long from the game those were the still the cool summoners in my head and list.

Desperate, I searched for it in PeakMonsters and wow. It's not there. How could that possibly be? Not in the market, not in other markets. I was going insane. Some search results said they came from Soulbound Reward or something. So I guess I really have a close to NIL in having a chance to try those cards.

I just LOST to a SOUL and I probably won't even be able to try it out. Insert a crying emoticon here.

What's up Readers! I did not expect going up against a strong lineup, but hey, it is part of the game. Will I be able to get my hands on the Soulbound cards or will I not? I am so unsure. But man, oh man. That loss made me write.

What is your story?

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3 months ago