Is quitting always a bad choice

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3 years ago

I know we're used to hearing that quitting isn't an option.

"quitters never win"


But sometimes, quitting is the answer. Quitting bad habits like smoking or excessive alcohol intake is definitely something everyone should be doing

Quitting toxic relationships should be a goal.

Quitting a job that isn't mentally challenging and isn't financially rewarding for a better one is a wise choice and a winning strategy.

If you find yourself in a race that you're not supposed to be running..

By all means, QUIT!

Focus your energy on what really matters and excel in it.

Quit all distractions.

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I learned a lot from reading your article. Thank you so much for sharing an article that actually means a lot.

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3 years ago

My pleasure. I'm entirely grateful

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3 years ago

Yes I will support you thank you so much.

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3 years ago

We usually tag every quitters as a looser, and it's that quote that drive people down rough roads trying to prove they're not quitters when obviously not quitting will earn them a very unpalatable end. Whereas there's also the saying "know when to quit". Thanks for the enlightenment.

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3 years ago