Everything you take for granted would be taken away

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3 years ago

I would like us to learn and get a wisdom from this powerful animal from the king of the jungle, Lion.

Male lions have a territory to look after constantly, if they are not alert and protective they may lose it altogether. Beside young male lions are growing up and soon they will contest for the leadership of the pride.

Age will caught up with it, and laziness when all is under control in the leadership position. 

The time will arrive when the king of the jungle is powerless. And young Lions takes over. If the leader does not corporate would be kicked out of the pride.

The main lesson here is, position of leadership and success does not last forever. Young ones will take over.
 Enjoy it while it lasts, soon the throne would be handed over to someone else. 

The rest of the world will move on whether you keep up or not.

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Very insightful. I would love to hear more stories.

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3 years ago