Don't stop being a helping hand

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3 years ago

He lived on me during our undergraduate days because his parents were poor.

My family didn't mind. In fact, he had the key to my room, he could come in any time like any child in my family.

He respected me so much, we were so close.

After our Youth Service, I travelled to America for further studies. My parents had the means.

Before long I settled in America, his letters started coming g about life in America and telling me about the ever difficult life in Nigeria.

I told myself, it was better I severed relationship with this poor guy, before he will start asking me to bring him to America.

Haven't I done enough in his life? I asked myself.

Let him go and sort himself out.

I finally severed the relationship!

I didn't allow him to have access to me again.

Not long, I heard he had become the Personal Assistant (P.A. ) to a Medical Doctor. Good for him.

In no time the Medical Doctor became a Governor and sponsored him to the State House of Assembly.

He became Speaker, then he became Governor of the State.

While still struggling in America, it dawned on me that I had missed it. A friend God gave me to assist and yet I stopped. I severed the relationship.

We would have ruled the State together going by the respect he had for me.

A very true life story have I just shared with you.

Who are you helping today?

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