There's a rainbow always after the rain

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There's a rainbow always after the rain, we all know that right? Coz life is like an adventures we took on a daily basis, but complicated, like the weather nowadays, but someday, it'll be worth it.

Some people choose to suffer in silence, and face life alone. No man is an island Mam/Sir. Prioritizing ourselves first before others should be apply to everyone right now, since life has been hard on us already. We all can go and live life to the fullest and how we wanted to do it. Trials is already part of living, and pain is part of loving. And I hope to this poem you'll live, knowing that at some point in our life, yes, there is always a struggles and pain, doubts and just putting a blame.. but at one point we need to stand strong, firmer and just happy, Life isn't easy, but so are we! :D

"Life: There's a rainbow always after the rain" by Me 💜

Little do you know, I'm in pain

Little do you know, we're all in vain

Little do you know, we're humans somehow

Little do you know, I live in doubt

Mind's attached to the past me

Locked up, chained, cant be free

Problems, doubts and self-pity

Random thoughts asking "Am I worthy?"

To whom do we live this life?

To someone whose flying like a little kite?

In the winds so strong little kite is holding on,

Problem arises, she's now ready to run on.

When life gave us lemon, we can make a lemonade,

When you're happy, life gonna rain on your parade,

Struggling somehow the new normal in living,

Like Covid-19, still in our country arising.

There's a rainbow always after the rain,

There's happiness after the pain,

There's doubts before confidence,

There's struggles during adolescence

You need to know, living and existing are not the same,

Living is surviving, while existing is just a game

Live your life to the fullest, best motto in life,

'coz no one knows, when can one go off and survive

Pain demands to be felt, darling

Says the book I've read on my monthly reading

And life is a bish, yet funny

Yeah we're struggling, but we can survive honey

It's not a bad life, just a bad day,

Not a bad decision you'll regret someday

You're not a bad person, you're just sad

And you're not crazy, you're just mad

Stand still, face life

Hold your breathe, and dive to your dear life

Problems are just problems, remember?

We may be built in clay by God, but we're stronger

There's sunshine in the morning

Dim light and moonlight in the evening,

And I've said, there's happiness after the pain,

But remember, there's a rainbow always after the rain. :)

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