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Is The Nft Market Saturated? Can So Many Projects Be Profitable?

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2 months ago

The biggest news from Q1-2022 was certainly the evolving profitability of NFTs markets. With almost $8bn traded during Q1-2022, it is true that NFTs markets cannot be considered as having crashed.

The paper quoted data from the NFT market analytics platform Nonfungible, which showed that the volume of NFT sales has declined 92% from its record-breaking September 2021 peak. The article also quoted data from NFT market analytics platform Nonfungible, which showed that NFT sales volume has declined 92% from its record-breaking September 2021 peak.

On-chain data from Dune Analytics dashboards suggests the Ethereum NFT market is still healthy, with the data showing that the number of NFT users and transactions is far higher than reported by Nonfungible. Considering the NFT market really took off only in 2021, the amount of companies providing services related to NFTs is small.

NFTs are rapidly becoming a complementary asset class, with transaction volumes growing, household names entering the market, and venture capital firms funding an increasing amount of projects. Experts expect NFTs are here to stay, and they will continue to expand outside of art and games, particularly if wealthy investors keep investing.

While market value and sustainability is a contentious subject, top players truly think that there is science behind selecting collections and promising projects. This guide has discussed everything you need to know to get started making money in the NFTs, with the top ten profitable approaches you can adopt to the NFTs market. Finding the best NFT for making money, then trading it back for profit is challenging, especially since the market is now very competitive. While not every NFT makes the owners money, some of the best NFTs made millions on their sales. 

Royalties are tied to NFT sales, forming one of the more fascinating elements of the NFT market. Royalties on an NFT grant a portion of the selling price to the original owners whenever an NFT creation is sold in the market. Similar to auctions on Ebay, an NFTs NFT owners may set a minimum sales price. Once your own NFT is sold, you receive the proceeds of the sale (minus a marketplace fee) that can be transferred to your cryptocurrency wallet.

The creators, or the original artists, of an NFT receive royalties through later sales on a secondary market. In most NFT markets, a creator may choose his/her own percentage of royalties, with payments automatically made on every subsequent secondary-market sale. Lower fees to creators means that people are free to sell their coins at a profit, and that is where the NFT art is losing its point. The market is currently very saturated, and most NFT creators are not selling for any significant sums of money.

Due to the high volume of NFT projects, it is difficult to find projects worth minting. People either lose money by pulling the rug out from under them with bad projects, or the NFTs are offered for huge discounts in the secondary markets right after they are mint. Trading NFTs may be fraught with uncertainty given the volatility in this young market. Well, NFTs can usually be bought for low prices, which allows for high margins.

Thanks to the rise in NFT markets, there are countless ways you can generate profits with NFTs -- be it active or passive. If you have already purchased a set of NFTs and no longer need them, then it is easy to sell them just like if you were creating them yourself. NFTs provide a new kind of ownership, and a fascinating way for digital creators of all kinds to sell their work. If you are a content creator, the best choice for you is using an NFT as an alternative method to monetise your talents.

Essentially, you will upload your content into a marketplace, convert it into an NFT, and then wait for it to be sold. This might seem confusing, but most, if not all, of the marketplaces will offer step-by-step guides to minted NFTs correctly in most platforms. NFT LaunchPad is perfect for anyone who is wondering how to make money in the NFTs as a beginner, since NFT LaunchPad offers both investment and minting services. Overall, as the NFT market grows, it is more likely that minting will be popular, providing exciting opportunities to stock investors.

As more NFT projects get smarter about this market segment, we expect to see the popularity of Minting grow over the course of the year. While it remains an outlier, we can currently anticipate a bright future of NFT projects following similar, or inspired approaches, given the greater value than the ownership of an NFT. Some entrepreneurs and investors are using NFTs as stocks, profiting from their purchase and sale.

Since 2017, for instance, collectible NFTs have generated more than $6.2 billion in sales, and digital artwork has generated more than $1.9 billion, according to the company NonFungible, which tracks NFT sales data historically. NFTs traded volumes have grown by 38,000 percent compared with the same period last year, for instance, reaching $10.7 billion in Q3, according to analysis from DappRadar, a company that helps people track NFTs and other decentralized assets. 

Fast-forward to March 2022, and the median selling price for NFTs is now under $2,000, compared with more than $6,800 in January, according to Nonfungible (11). Although prices were slow in falling from February 2021, the market for NFTs took a major hit when buyers did not invest in them nor buy them, as sellers had to lower prices as the nonfungible tokens market did not change. While it seems that the decline was caused by various factors, such as inflation, the Ukraine/Russian War, and increased SEC oversight on the NFTs, skeptics were still warning about an NFT collapse, described as a catastrophic market collapse.

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