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Types Of Energy Vampires

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2 months ago
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In today's world, wars are no longer fought over gold mines, as in the 19th century, but over energy sources such as oil, or there is the media war for clicks and views. It takes your attention away from others and drains your energy.

With energy vampires, unfortunately the majority of people think, that if they need energy, they get it from another person, who is full of energy and not from natural sources, that are easily available.

After meeting such a person you feel tired and depressed, because the whole encounter was very one-sided and took all your enthusiasm away. This makes you feel depressed, but they feel recharged. During the meeting the relationship was not balanced energetically.

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There are several types of energy vampires. Let me start with the one who, after experiencing a negative event, cries out to their friend and in doing so, actually transfers their negative energy to the other person. This is very common and a lot of people do this. I understand, that they want to let those bad feelings out, because after letting them out, they might feel better, but their friends could be drained from it. Of course if your friend listens and understands, then that's fine, but not everybody is equal.


Imagine, that you are going into something completely new and exciting, that fills you up with energy and day by day you can't wait for the time to come to learn about it, because you are so full of energy and you feel, that it has meaning, it has a potential future and you will make a successful living out of it. You are happy to tell everyone what your plans are for the future and what you are learning at the moment.

And then someone comes along and says: "don't joke about it", "you're not going to make it", "you're not good enough", "you don't know how to do it", and "it's a very bad idea anyway." You feel as if your enthusiasm has been pierced with a needle and just popped like a balloon.

Yeah, But... Type

I'm sure you've had examples, where you've come up with an idea, that seemed like a good idea and they've made an excuse, that it's not good now, it's not possible now. It could be, for example: "let's go to the cinema. Yes but, they don't have a good film now. Let's go to a restaurant. Yes, but now my favorite restaurants are closed." They'll make up some excuse for everything, just so you don't have a good time.

Another type, they asks you for help and you willingly help them and do your best. You give it all you've got. The answer is: "yes, but it doesn't work." You, who are trying to help with all your might, feel helpless, because you have run out of ideas and can't help any more. It can be very depressing.

The Sticker Type

I don't want to offend my poor friend and those, who might recognize themselves at this part. They talk about a great deal more and tirelessly. What we used to say about them is that I can't shoot them. I wouldn't call communicating with them a two-way conversation, because they just say their piece almost breathlessly, without caring whether you are engaged by what they are saying or not.

If you try to interrupt, because you have to interrupt, otherwise you have no chance of getting a word out of your mouth, then there is no chance of that either, because they will get the better of you and start saying even more of what they have already said five times. These people are usually lonely and it doesn't matter who they say it to or what they say. The important thing is for them, that someone listens to them. The problem with this is that you can't stand to listen for very long.

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Pointless Debates

I often witness debates, that make no sense whatsoever. Someone picks on another person without any argument or basis in reality. The will to get a result does not even enter their mind, they just argue, because they feel like it.

Most of the time, these are pointless, reasonless arguments, in which there is no point in looking for the truth, but it is annoying, that someone has got into a fight over something trivial. You can see a lot of these on the internet in forums or social media in the form of comments. A debate can get so carried away, that it seems ridiculous to an outsider reader. I don't even get involved in those. I just laugh at it.

Emotional Blackmail And Manipulation

This is no different, when the energy vampire wants to make you feel guilty at all costs. They won't let you do anything or go anywhere, because then what will happen to them at home alone if you go and leave them. If something happens to them there is no one to help them. Everything will be on your head.

Even if you left home in such a case, you might not feel comfortable in the company of others, because you are always thinking about guilt. A lot of things can be achieved through this and similar manipulation. For example, feeling ashamed of something or feeling sorry for the person. They are really just manipulations and should not be taken seriously, because they are often unfounded. Here too the focus of attention and it is a childish thing.


If you are a victim of an energy vampire, you will definitely have a negative experience and you will feel bad, because you will be made to believe, that you are no good at anything, you can't do anything and you are a bad person. It can be a very one-sided thing and you can get very tired of it, because you are always giving and getting nothing in return.

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Written by   142
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Blog, Thoughts
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You have to watch out for everything. From thieves with weapons and from energy thieves. Stay away from negative people and strangers in the street. You never know what they will steal.

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2 months ago

I know that. They are everywhere regardless where we live. Thank you for your concern.

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2 months ago