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Tramadol and Drug abuse

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1 year ago

Hello guys this is just a sensitization article.

Plea's stay of drugs they are really bad for your health. If a particular drug is not prescribed by your physician or doctor please don't talk it and don't abuse it.

A whole lot of youths now are always high on one thing or the other and tramadol has been on the rise of the cheapest sold opiates among its family like morphine, codeine and others.

Tramadol which is similar to substances in our brain called endorphins should not be abused. Endorphins on they other hand is bind to our receptors (parts of cells that receive a certain substance) and these set of youths just try to damage there life by getting addicted to drugs that was for good and turning it into a big thing by over dosing themselves with it.

Please stay away from drugs and below is a picture of a boy shot by drug lords In my community and I hope it inspires you to stay off drugs and harmful substance.

Stay healthy and stay safe.

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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