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The Concept of Money

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8 months ago

Money has gathered a lot of definition from many scholars, preachers and philosophers. However, I have come to understand money as the produce of value added. Therefore, money is the fruit of the seed called (Right Attitude) in the vineyard of life one of the fruits you harvest is money. Therefore, everything about life success and money is centered on the principles of sowing and reaping "Do not be deceived for whatever a man soweth that he shall reap".

Money can also be defined as Attitude. It will be wrong for anyone to define money as the paper we use as the means of exchange; that is simply known as a legal tender. The real money is you and your attitude. No wonder Jesus Christ said " Guide your heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life".

What is Attitude? - This is an individual's character, behavior and values, that emanate from his/her mindset,which draws hundred percent influence in his/her response to general life activities. When I describe money as attitude, am simply connecting money to our attitude/values towards human resources, environmental resources and spiritual resources. How a man response to this, defines him as one who can be wealthy, successful, poor or a failure. Those three are the raw materials which are to be processed to money (cash). The processing of those three is engineered by our attitude to them. No one has ever made it through life without carefully harnessing those three, either directly or indirectly.

In the long run, money is not the paper in your pocket rather money is your personality, your value system. Money is not the seed rather money is the fruit, however inside any fruit there is a seed and any wise man that understands the principle of multiplication, principle of discipline, principle of delay gratification, principle of integrity, principle of focus etc. These things are like manure that will help your money seed to grow when planted.

Therefore, pursue money as a fruit while you develop your values/Attitude as the seed, when God created the world He did not create fruit first rather He created seed that grew up to bear fruits. Genesis 2:5-9

Finally be seed oriented and not fruit oriented then you will have more fruit to your possession.

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Written by   32
8 months ago
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